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prerender-loader - 📰 Painless universal pre-rendering for Webpack.

  •    Javascript

Painless universal prerendering for Webpack. Works great with html-webpack-plugin. Pre-rendering describes the process of rendering a client-side application at build time, producing useful static HTML that can be sent to the browser instead of an empty bootstrapping page.

pre-render - Convert a single-page app (SPA) into a fully pre-rendered functional website before deploying it to a CDN

  •    Javascript

The goal of this project is to generate static .html pages for your single-page app at build time, before you deploy it to a CDN hosting. You just build your project as normal, assuming that it compiles into the /build (or /dist) folder, then prepare the list of relative URL paths that need to be pre-rendred and pass that info to pre-render, it will load /build/index.html in a headless Chrome browser, iterate over the list of provided relative URLs and save each page to a corresponding .html file.Now, you can deploy the contents of the /build folder to GitHub Pages, Firebase, or some other CDN hosting, yet search engines will still be able to crawl your site.

mobius - Unified frontend and backend framework via lockstep execution on client/server

  •    TypeScript

An integrated framework for building web applications, where the DOM, networking, and client/server are abstracted via lockstep execution.

seed-quickstart-webpack - Template for web apps with Seed (Rust framework), TailwindCSS and Webpack.

  •    Rust

I want to write fast, reliable and efficient web apps. Quickly. And I like Rust and documentation. How to create your new app, modify it and deploy it - step by step guide.

spiderable-middleware - Prerendering for JavaScript powered websites

  •    Javascript

Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, and Bing and all other crawlers and search engines are constantly trying to view your website. If your website is built on top of the JavaScript framework like, but not limited to - Angular, Backbone, Ember, Meteor, React, MEAN most of the front-end solutions returns basic HTML-markup and script-tags to crawlers, but not content of your page. The mission of spiderable-middleware and ostr.io are to boost your SEO experience without a headache. This package acts as middleware and intercepts requests to your Node.js application from web crawlers. All requests proxy passed to the Prerendering Service, which returns static, rendered HTML.

lambda-dynamic-prerenderer - Dynamically prerender pages for bots and crawlers, with Lambda@Edge, S3 and CloudFront

  •    Javascript

Dynamic Rendering is, as the name implies, about rendering a page based on a dynamic condition. What we want to do is solve the very common problem of modern Progressive Web Apps not working very well with some older crawlers that are unfortunately still in use across the web, such as on those used by Facebook and LinkedIn. Our condition is therefore ”if a crawler or bot sees the page, give it prerendered markup”. Even Google thinks this is a pretty good approach for SEO. Refer to their documents Understand the JavaScript SEO basics and Implement dynamic rendering for further reading.