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husky - :dog: Git hooks made easy

  •    Javascript

By default, husky expects your project's package.json and your .git directory to be at the same level. It can be configured to support monorepos or sub-directories.Check documentation for more.

prepush - Yet another prepush script that will run tasks defined in a config file

  •    Javascript

You might also like: precommit. A module to install a script for the pre-commit git hook inspired by this module, and changelogx which also provide a script for the commit-msg git hook. Important Be aware that if you cancel the program using CTRL+C then the stash might not be restored. So you will have to restore it manually. TODO: trap the SIGINT event and restore the stash transparently for the user.

pre-push - Add a pre-push git hook

  •    Javascript

pre-push is a pre-push hook installer for git. It will ensure that your npm test (or other specified scripts) passes before you can push your changes. This all conveniently configured in your package.json. But don't worry, you can still force a push by telling git to skip the pre-push hooks by simply pushing using --no-verify.

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