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FastDifferentialCoding - Fast differential coding functions (using SIMD instructions)

  •    C

These functions compute fast successive differences, and recover the original values from the fast successive differences (i.e., they compute a prefix sum) using fast SIMD instructions.They can be useful as part of compressed index.

loopy - A code generator for array-based code on CPUs and GPUs

  •    Python

Loopy lets you easily generate the tedious, complicated code that is necessary to get good performance out of GPUs and multi-core CPUs. Loopy's core idea is that a computation should be described simply and then transformed into a version that gets high performance. This transformation takes place under user control, from within Python.

fenwick - List data structure supporting prefix sums

  •    Go

A Fenwick tree, or binary indexed tree, is a space-efficient list data structure that can efficiently update elements and calculate prefix sums in a list of numbers. There is an online reference for the package at godoc.org/github.com/yourbasic/fenwick.

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