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isomorphic-flux-boilerplate - ES7 Isomorphic Flux/ReactJS Boilerplate

  •    Javascript

A wonderfull boilerplate for Flux/ReactJS universal applications, running on koajs. Koa will be our server for the server side rendering, we use alt for our Flux architecture and react-router for routing in our app.

cssbag - A collection of PostCSS plugins

  •    Javascript

cssbag is a collection of PostCSS plugins I use, it's similar to precss.Unwrap nested rules like how Sass does it.

postcsslayouts - This is the repository for my course, Building a Responsive Single-Page Design with PostCSS on LinkedIn Learning and Lynda

  •    HTML

Learn how to create responsive single-page websites with PostCSS, the CSS post-processor engine that extends the power of CSS through JavaScript. These step-by-step instructions take existing HTML markup and add style, animation, and responsive navigation. This combination allows for dynamic one-page sites—a popular design that's now even faster and easier to create with PostCSS. Along the way, Ray Villalobos introduces some handy plugins, tips for integrating PostCSS into a Gulp-based workflow, and techniques for making layouts more responsive with Flexbox. This repository has branches for each of the videos in the course. You can use the branch pop up menu in github to switch to a specific branch and take a look at the course at that stage. Or you can simply add /tree/BRANCH_NAME to the URL to go to the branch you want to peek at.

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