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fluent-adapter - preCICE-adapter for the CFD code ANSYS Fluent (currently unmaintained)

  •    C

WARNING: Currently this adapter is under construction. This means that it does not work with recent preCICE versions and we do not recommend using this adapter. If you want to contribute, our issue Update fluent adapter for compatibility with recent preCICE versions #1 is a good starting point. This adapter was originally developed by Bernhard Gatzhammer as a part of his thesis [1]. Richard Hertrich carried out a status update for the adapter in [2].

openfoam-adapter - OpenFOAM-preCICE adapter

  •    C++

See the adapter documentation and related tutorials. Please report any issues here and give us feedback through one of our community channels.

su2-adapter - preCICE-adapter for the CFD code SU2 - :heart: Maintainer needed :heart: https://github

  •    C++

The adapter for the CFD-Code "Stanford University Unstructured" (SU2) was developed in the scope of the bachelor's thesis of Alexander Rusch. All steps for integrating the adapter into SU2 are described in detail in the appendices of the thesis. Note that by now, the adapter has been extended with new functionalities, which are not covered in the thesis. However, the basic structure of the adapter has remained unchanged and can be studied by means of this work. This adapter was developed for SU2 version 6.0.0 "Falcon". Other versions may be compatible as well, yet they have not been tested. Please let us know if you want to use a different version. Before installing the adapter SU2 itself must be installed. Download version 6.0.0 directly from https://github.com/su2code/SU2/releases/tag/v6.0.0. Using a different version is not recommended, since the adapter is only tested with this version. If necessary unpack the code and move it to your preferred location. Please do not configure and build the package before installing the adapter. In case you have already used SU2 you will need to rebuild the suite after installing the adapter.

calculix-adapter - preCICE-adapter for the CSM code CalculiX

  •    C

The adapter was initially developed for conjugate heat transfer (CHT) simulations via preCICE by Lucia Cheung in the scope of her master’s thesis [1] in cooperation with SimScale. For running the adapter for CHT simulations refer to this thesis. The adapter was extended to fluid-structure interaction by Alexander Rusch [2]. This adapter was developed for CalculiX version 2.16. Other versions may be compatible, yet they have not been tested. Please let us know if you want to use a different version.

code_aster-adapter - preCICE-adapter for the FEM code code_aster

  •    Python

This adapter was implemented as part of the master thesis of Lucia Cheung in cooperation with SimScale. Currently, only conjugate heat transfer is supported. See the adapter documentation on the preCICE website and additional documentation in the cht/ directory.

fenics-adapter - preCICE-adapter for the open source computing platform FEniCS (see https://arxiv

  •    Python

preCICE-adapter for the open source computing platform FEniCS. Note: The adapter currently only supports 2D simulations in FEniCS. After cloning this repository and switching to the root directory (fenics-adapter), run pip3 install --user . from your shell.

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