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okdownload - A Reliable, Flexible, Fast and Powerful download engine.

  •    Java

A Reliable, Flexible, Fast and Powerful download engine. P.S. If you ask me, which version is the most stability, I will tell you it's not the version of 1.0.0 or 2.0.0, the most stability version must be the latest version because it is developed with github-flow, not production-flow. So please follow the latest release version and show me your PR. Here is the changelog for each version, it may help you.


  •    PHP

A simple yet powerful PHP tool to catch Git webhooks from GitLab, GitHub & Bitbucket and deploy your projects to your server after pushing. © 2017 Noël Bossart. Made in Switzerland.

godot-powerful - List of plugins to turn godot into a most powerful engine that already is.


A list of plugins that you need in almost any project you make to turn godot into a more powerful engine than it already is.

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