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node-debug-school - nodeschool curriculum for debugging Node.js

  •    Javascript

This workshop teaches students the concept and tools needed to debug Node.js applications in production and post-mortem on SmartOS. It is presented as a series of short hands-on exercises.You will need an access to a SmartOS instance to run this workshop.

postmortem-templates - A collection of postmortem templates


This is a collection of postmortem templates derived from various sources such as the Site Reliability Engineering book, The Practice of Cloud System Administration book and other online resources. It is possible to load the postmortem templates automatically without copy pasting from the files or manually writing the structure every time you want to author an incident report.

node-corevis - Generate HTML based on information gathered with mdb(1) from a node.js core dump

  •    Javascript

Run any of the examples to generate a core dump, then use corevis to make an HTML file with analysis.

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