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patch-package - Fix broken node modules with no fuss 📦👌

  •    TypeScript

patch-package lets app authors instantly make and keep fixes to npm dependencies. It's a vital band-aid for those of us living on the bleeding edge. Patches created by patch-package are automatically and gracefully applied when you use npm(>=5) or yarn.

postinstall-build - Helper for conditionally building your npm package on postinstall

  •    Javascript

Conditionally build in the postinstall hook without moving your devDependencies to dependencies. So that your package with a build step can support Git (and other non-npm) install locations without checking build artifacts into source control or making everyone install your build dependencies. See Motivation for more details.

am-i-a-dependency - Check if the package is being installed by another package

  •    Shell

If module foo has a postinstall script, it can use this module am-i-a-dependency to determine if it should be executed. Requires Node version 4 or above.

opencollective - 🤝 Pretty opencollective stats on postinstall!

  •    Javascript

Configuration is applied through your project's package.json. We know the postinstall messages can be annoying when deploying in production or running a CI pipeline. That's why the message is disabled in those environments by default.

pinst - 🍺 postinstall hook that runs only in development

  •    Javascript

This can be useful if you want to automatically run commands just after npm install, but don't want your package users to be affected. By inverting commands, you can also use pinst to enable postinstall for your users only and not yourself.

lightercollective - A lighter opencollective postinstall alternative.

  •    Javascript

A lighter opencollective postinstall alternative. Show all necessary info to help contributing to relative Open Collective projects, without bringing in the entirety of the opencollective CLI as dependency (an overhead of 24MB vs 4K in total for this package).

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