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PostGIS - Spatial and Geographic objects for PostgreSQL

  •    C

PostGIS is a spatial database extender for PostgreSQL object-relational database. It adds support for geographic objects allowing location queries to be run in SQL. PostGIS adds extra types (geometry, geography, raster and others) to the PostgreSQL database. It also adds functions, operators, and index enhancements that apply to these spatial types.

Timescaledb - An open-source time-series database optimized for fast ingest and complex queries

  •    PLpgSQL

TimescaleDB is an open-source database designed to make SQL scalable for time-series data. It is engineered up from PostgreSQL, providing automatic partitioning across time and space (partitioning key), as well as full SQL support. TimescaleDB is packaged as a PostgreSQL extension and released under the Apache 2 open-source license.

pg_partman - Partition management extension for PostgreSQL

  •    PLpgSQL

pg_partman is an extension to create and manage both time-based and serial-based table partition sets. Native partitioning in PostgreSQL 10 is supported as of pg_partman v3.0.1. Note that all the features of trigger-based partitioning are not yet supported in native, but performance in both reads & writes is significantly better. Child table creation is all managed by the extension itself. For non-native, trigger function maintenance is also handled. For non-native partitioning, tables with existing data can have their data partitioned in easily managed smaller batches. For native partitioning, the creation of a new partitioned set is required and data will have to be migrated over separately.

pg_auto_failover - Postgres extension and service for automated failover and high-availability

  •    C

pg_auto_failover is an extension and service for PostgreSQL that monitors and manages automated failover for a Postgres cluster. It is optimized for simplicity and correctness and supports Postgres 10 and newer. pg_auto_failover supports several Postgres architectures and implements a safe automated failover for your Postgres service. It is possible to get started with only two data nodes which will be given the roles of primary and secondary by the monitor.

mimeo - Extension for specialized, per-table replication between PostgreSQL instances

  •    PLpgSQL

Mimeo is an extension that provides specialized, per-table replication between PostgreSQL instances. It currently provides snapshot (whole table copy), incremental (based on an incrementing timestamp or id), and DML (inserts, updates and deletes). Also installing the pg_jobmon extension (see other repositories in omniti-labs) to log all replication activity and provide monitoring is highly recommended.

plpgsql_check - plpgsql_check is next generation of plpgsql_lint

  •    C

I founded this project, because I wanted to publish the code I wrote in the last two years, when I tried to write enhanced checking for PostgreSQL upstream. It was not fully successful - integration into upstream requires some larger plpgsql refactoring - probably it will not be done in next years (now is Dec 2013). But written code is fully functional and can be used in production (and it is used in production). So, I created this extension to be available for all plpgsql developers. If you like it and if you would to join to development of this extension, register yourself to postgresql extension hacking google group.

pg-libphonenumber - A (partially implemented!) PostgreSQL extension that provides access to Google's libphonenumber

  •    C++

This extension is in an alpha state. It's not complete or tested enough for critical production deployments, but with a little help, we should be able to get it there. First you'll need to install libphonenumber-dev and the corresponding postgresql-server-dev package.

plgo - easily create postgresql extensions in golang

  •    Go

plgo is an tool for easily creating PostgreSQL extensions with stored procedures and triggers in golang. It creates wrapper code, PostgreSQL extension files and builds your package.

decoderbufs - A PostgreSQL logical decoder output plugin to deliver data as Protocol Buffers

  •    C

decoderbufs is a PostgreSQL logical decoder output plugin to deliver data as Protocol Buffers. decoderbufs is released under the MIT license (See LICENSE file).

plsh - PL/sh is a procedural language handler for PostgreSQL that allows you to write stored procedures in a shell of your choice

  •    C

The first line must be a #!-style line that indicates the shell to use. The rest of the function body will be executed by that shell in a separate process. The arguments are available as $1, $2, etc., as usual. (This is the shell's syntax. If your shell uses something different then that's what you need to use.) The return value will become what is printed to the standard output, with a newline stripped. If nothing is printed, a null value is returned. If anything is printed to the standard error, then the function aborts with an error and the message is printed. If the script does not exit with status 0 then an error is raised as well. The shell script can do anything you want, but you can't access the database directly. Trigger functions are also possible, but they can't change the rows. Needless to say, this language should not be declared as TRUSTED.

pg_hashids - Short unique id generator for PostgreSQL, using hashids

  •    C

Hashids is a small open-source library that generates short, unique, non-sequential ids from numbers. It converts numbers like 347 into strings like “yr8”. You can also decode those ids back. This is useful in bundling several parameters into one or simply using them as short UIDs. You can use hashids to hide primary keys in your database. I've used the extension on several production databases.

pg-safeupdate - A simple extension to PostgreSQL that requires criteria for UPDATE and DELETE

  •    Ruby

safeupdate is a simple extension to PostgreSQL that raises an error if UPDATE and DELETE are executed without specifying conditions. This extension was initially designed to protect data from accidental obliteration of data that is writable by PostgREST.

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