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sugarss - Indent-based CSS syntax for PostCSS

  •    Javascript

Indent-based CSS syntax for PostCSS.As any PostCSS custom syntax, SugarSS has source map, stylelint and postcss-sorting support out-of-box.

postcss-scss - SCSS parser for PostCSS.

  •    Javascript

A SCSS parser for PostCSS.This module does not compile SCSS. It simply parses mixins as custom at-rules & variables as properties, so that PostCSS plugins can then transform SCSS source code alongside CSS.

postcss-less - PostCSS Syntax for parsing LESS

  •    Javascript

Please note: poscss-less is not a LESS compiler. For compiling LESS, please use the official toolset for LESS. The most common use of postcss-less is for applying PostCSS transformations directly to LESS source. eg. ia theme written in LESS which uses Autoprefixer to add appropriate vendor prefixes.