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autoprefixer - Parse CSS and add vendor prefixes to rules by Can I Use

  •    Javascript

PostCSS plugin to parse CSS and add vendor prefixes to CSS rules using values from Can I Use. It is recommended by Google and used in Twitter and Taobao.Autoprefixer will use the data based on current browser popularity and property support to apply prefixes for you. You can try the interactive demo of Autoprefixer.

postcss-cssnext - :cyclone: PostCSS plugin to use tomorrow's CSS syntax, today.

  •    Javascript

PostCSS plugin to use tomorrow’s CSS syntax, today. PostCSS-cssnext is a PostCSS plugin that helps you to use the latest CSS syntax today. It transforms CSS specs into more compatible CSS so you don’t need to wait for browser support.

postcss-sorting - PostCSS plugin to keep rules and at-rules content in order.

  •    Javascript

PostCSS plugin to keep rules and at-rules content in order. Also available as Sublime Text, Atom, VS Code, and Emacs plugin.

postcss-stylestats - [Unmainted] PostCSS plugin for StyleStats.

  •    Javascript

No longer actively maintaining this project due to lack of motivation. This project and source code keep on GitHub and on npm, but no longer maintaining in my side. PostCSS plugin for StyleStats.

fixie - PostCSS plugin to simplify IE CSS hacks

  •    Javascript

A simple PostCSS plugin to enable a set of easy-to-remember transforms for IE CSS Hacks. Goes especially well with postcss-nested.

postcss-color-palette - PostCSS plugin to transform CSS2 color keywords to a custom palette

  •    Javascript

This plugin can transform color keywords such as aqua, blue, lime, etc. to any other color. Bundled with the webcolors package, making three beautiful color palettes available to use in your stylesheets: clrs.cc/mrmrs, FlatUI and Material -- simply by using standard color names. Specify a webcolors palette name (mrmrs, material or flatui), or an object mapping of CSS2 color keywords to color values. By default, uses the mrmrs color palette.

postcss-flexgrid - PostCSS helpers for working with a flexible grid

  •    Javascript

PostCSS helpers for working with a flexible grid. Very early stage, you probably don't want to use this.

broccoli-postcss - 🌳 Postcss compiler as a Broccoli filter.

  •    Javascript

The broccoli-postcss plugin runs your css through postcss plugins of your choosing. A list of plugin objects to be used by Postcss (a minimum of 1 plugin is required).

postcss-message-helpers - PostCSS helpers to throw or output GNU style messages

  •    Javascript

PostCSS helpers to throw or output GNU style messages. Execute fn an return the value. If an exception is thrown during the process, the exception will be catched, enhanced from source & re-throw.

postcss-if-media - A PostCSS plugin to inline or nest media queries within CSS rules & properties.

  •    Javascript

A PostCSS plugin for adding ?if media queries inside rules and inline with property values. A great way to keep style values for different media queries neatly organized and grouped together under their natural rules. Use with PostCSS Media Minmax and PostCSS Custom Media for best effect (be sure to place postcss-if-media before postcss-media-minmax, and postcss-custom-media, or any other media query plugins). The plugin provides ?if media QUERY as an inline declaration and a nested block, where QUERY is any valid media query.

postcss-plugins - The "officially unofficial" consolidated list of PostCSS plugins in a ready-to-use package

  •    Javascript

The "officially unofficial" consolidated list of PostCSS plugins in a ready-to-use package. There are over a hundred wonderful developers building amazing PostCSS plugins. The running list of plugins grows quickly, and is used in many places. One such place is on the searchable postcss.parts built by @mxstbr. Another is in the PostCSS Alfred Workflow created by @chrisopedia. These are great resources for developers to find and use plugins, and this list helps keep them all up to date.

postcss-high-contrast - Create high contrast version of your project with ease.

  •    Javascript

Accessible websites are getting more popular. Some countries even pass laws obliging IT companies create high contrast versions of their projects. Creating high contrast version of your project due some reasons can be painful. Use aggressiveHCDefaultSelectorList and aggressiveHCCustomSelectorList to define own lists of properties.

postcss-camel-case - PostCSS plugin to convert CSS selector names to camelCase

  •    Javascript

Turns .block_element--modifier into .blockElementModifier. Basically the plugin does convert any class names with -, _ punctuations into camelCase style. Because camel cased properties feels more natural in JavaScript. It is mainly built for CSS Modules.

stencil-postcss - Autoprefixer plugin for Stencil

  •    TypeScript

This package is used in order to integrate with postcss and all of its plugins. This plugin requires Node.js 14 or higher. For older Node versions, see the 1.x release.

postcss-at-rules-variables - PostCss plugin to use CSS Custom Properties in at-rule @each, @for, @if, @else and more

  •    Javascript

PostCSS plugin to transform W3C CSS Custom Properties for at-rule’s parameters. Adds the ability to use a custom property in the options, at-rules. Used in conjunction with the plugin postcss-each, postcss-conditionals, postcss-for and more at-rules plugins.

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