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post-mortems - A collection of postmortems. Sorry for the delay in merging PRs!


A collection of postmortems. Sorry for the delay in merging PRs!

drmingw - Postmortem debugging tools for MinGW.

  •    C++

Dr. Mingw is a Just-in-Time (JIT) debugger. When the application throws an unhandled exception, Dr. Mingw attaches itself to the application and collects information about the exception, using the available debugging information. Dr. Mingw can read debugging information in DWARF format — generated by the Gnu C/C++ Compiler, and in a PDB file — generated by the Microsoft Visual C++ Compiler. It relies upon the DbgHelp library to resolve symbols in modules compiled by the Microsoft tools.

postmortem-templates - A collection of postmortem templates


This is a collection of postmortem templates derived from various sources such as the Site Reliability Engineering book, The Practice of Cloud System Administration book and other online resources. It is possible to load the postmortem templates automatically without copy pasting from the files or manually writing the structure every time you want to author an incident report.

backtrace-morgue - Object store client.

  •    Javascript

It is recommended to install morgue using npm. If you working from the repository, then instead use the following command.

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