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Jiagu - Jiagu深度学习自然语言处理工具 知识图谱关系抽取 中文分词 词性标注 命名实体识别 情感分析 新词发现 关键词 文本摘要 文本聚类

  •    Python

Jiagu深度学习自然语言处理工具 知识图谱关系抽取 中文分词 词性标注 命名实体识别 情感分析 新词发现 关键词 文本摘要 文本聚类

uniCenta oPos - Award wining Point of Sale Software

  •    Java

uniCenta oPos is an award wining Point of Sale Software. It provides support Barcode Scanning, Card Processing, Multi-Payment, Multi lingual, Multi-Terminal, Managing inventory and lot more.

Lemonpos - An open source point of sale

  •    C++

Lemon is an open source Point of Sale software targeted for micro, small and medium businesses. Lemon provides a modern themeable and easy to use Interface, a search panel, a price-checker tool, an administration tool for managing your store, printed reports, and much more.

ADempiere - ERP Business Suite

  •    Java

ADempiere is an open source ERP business suite. It has full support for Maintenance Management, Project Management, Manufacturing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), POS, ecommerce, Human Resource, Accounting, Sales and Purchasing. It is well integrated with OLAP Business Intelligence, Financial Reporting and JasperReports.

SambaPOS - Touch Screen Restaurant POS

  •    CSharp

SambaPOS is a touchscreen Restaurant POS Software. It supports Caller ID supported Delivery, Fast food and A-la Carte departments, Handheld support with RDP, Currently supports English and Turkish languages.

awesome-cryptoeconomics - An awesome curated list of Cryptoeconomic research and learning materials


Please check the contribution guidelines for info on formatting and writing pull requests. To the extent possible under law, Joaquim Pedro Antunes has waived all copyright and related or neighbouring rights to this work.



OpenPOS, a completely open and free point-of-sale system

PB POS System


A small Point of Sales System for Microsoft Windows based computers

JC Touch Selector Control


JC Touch Selector Control (aka JCSelector) makes it easier for touch screen users to select from a list of items. You'll no longer have to use a ComboBox in your touch screen app. Is very easy to use and also supports two-way data binding via it's Text property. Written in C#

Okeros POS

  •    DotNet

Okeros POS is point of sale system targetted at Small and Medium Businesses. It is primarily for doing sales, stock control, and expense management. It is developed in .NET Framework with C# 3.0 and SQL 2005 as database.

JC Change Calculator Control


JC Change Calculator is a .NET control that makes it easy for developers to add POS style change calculation to any point of sale type application. It's developed in C#.


  •    DotNet

Cash register POS software for bars and small shops. Touch based GUI, very simple to use and fast. Selling operations are based on the old cash registers to preserve users skills. Completely designed to be integrated with Wepos Windows, supports POS .NET / OPOS devices and more..

Samba POS


Dokunmatik ekranl? cihazlar için sat?? ve Restoran program? + Terminal Server üzerinden kullan?labilen el terminali modülü. C# dili ile yaz?ld?. .Net Framework 4.0 üzerinde çal???yor. WPF, Entity Framework, Prism, MEF teknolojilerinden faydalan?lm??t?r.



ERP INTERNET PRIMATRONICA es un sistema de administración y planificación de para empresas pequeñas y medianas. Instalable en servidor Internet o Intranet, cuenta con una base de datos en Español y está construido sobre lenguajes ASP y base de datos MS SQL Server 2005.

Restaurant Management System


Restaurant Management System is Designed to automate common restaurant functions like Kitchen Order Tickets, Table Booking , Billing , Inventory & Sales reports. Please send your comments to bitvantage@gmail.com

StratisBitcoinFullNode - Bitcoin full node in C#

  •    CSharp

Stratis is an implementation of the Bitcoin protocol in C# on the .NET Core platform. The node can run on the Bitcoin and Stratis networks. Stratis Bitcoin is based on the NBitcoin project.For Proof of Stake support on the Stratis token the node is using NStratis which is a POS implementation of NBitcoin.

SalorHospitality - The innovative Point of Sale Solution serving the Hospitality Industry

  •    Ruby

The modern, enterprise-class Point of Sale (POS) Solution serving the Hospitality Industry: Hotels, Restaurants, Inns, Bars and Shops. This project is no longer actively developed or supported. The last stable tag is debian/ in the wheezy branch. The master branch is a port to a newer Ruby on Rails version in Debian Jessie and is experimental.

node-nltools - Natural Language Tools

  •    Javascript

This project is being merged into Natural, Visit https://github.com/NaturalNode/natural for the latest changes.After leaning about IBM's Watson *1, and reading Mind vs Machine *2, I wanted to better understand the state of Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Generation. This project is not a port of any existing libraries, although it does contain some code ported from Pythons NLTK, it serves more of a glue layer between existing tools, ideas and projects already used today.

LibreTPV - POS (TPV) intuitive and easy web based app for small and medium stores (mainly using barcode reader)

  •    Ruby

POS (TPV) intuitive and easy web based app for small and medium stores (mainly using barcode reader). Stock, customers, providers and invoices management, cash control, ticket printing, financial reports and spreadsheet exporting.

wordnet-db - WordNet Database files (previously WNdb)

  •    Javascript

A package to install WordNet database files for Node.js modules. Used by wordpos project which is based on natural WordNet module. Note: This repository was previously name WNdb. Its new name complies with npm naming rules. Although old links will still work, it is recommended to change references to the new name.

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