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natural - general natural language facilities for node

  •    Javascript

"Natural" is a general natural language facility for nodejs. Tokenizing, stemming, classification, phonetics, tf-idf, WordNet, string similarity, and some inflections are currently supported.

porter - Porter enables you to package your application artifact, client tools, configuration and deployment logic together as a versioned bundle that you can distribute, and install with a single command

  •    Go

Package your application artifact, client tools, configuration and deployment logic together as a versioned bundle that you can distribute, and then install with a single command. Based on the Cloud Native Application Bundle Specification, CNAB, Porter provides a declarative authoring experience that lets you focus on what you know best: your application. Mixins provide out-of-the-box support for interacting with different tools and services from inside a bundle. You can always create a mixin, or use the exec mixin and a Custom Dockerfile if a custom mixin doesn't exist yet.

Porter - :lipstick: Data import abstraction library for consuming Web APIs and other data sources.

  •    PHP

Porter is the PHP data importer. She fetches data from anywhere, from the local file system to third party online services, and returns an iterator. Porter is a fully pluggable import framework that can be extended with connectors for any protocol and transformers to manipulate data immediately after import. Ready-to-use data providers include all the necessary connectors and other dependencies to access popular online services such as Stripe for online payments, the European Central Bank for foreign exchange rates or Steam for its complete PC games library and more. Porter's provider library is limited right now, and some implementations are incomplete, but we hope the PHP community will rally around Porter's abstractions and become the de facto framework for publishing online services, APIs, web scrapers and data dumps. Porter's interfaces have undergone intensive scrutiny and several iterations during years of production use to ensure they are efficient, robust, flexible, testable and easy to implement.

stmr.c - Porter Stemmer algorithm in C

  •    C

Martin Porter’s Stemming algorithm as a C library. There’s also a CLI: stmr(1).Or clone the repo.

stemmer - An English (Porter2) stemming implementation in Elixir.

  •    Elixir

An English (Porter2) stemming implementation in Elixir. The Stemmer.stem/1 function supports stemming a single word (String), a sentence (String) or a list of single words (List of Strings).

snowball-stemmer.jsx - This is a collection of stemmers for JSX/JS/AMD/Common.js.

  •    Javascript

This is a collection of stemmers for JSX/JS/AMD/Common.js. Stemming is an important algorithm for implementing search engines. These code are genereated from famous stemming algorithm collection, Snowball and the result is completely compatible with it.

clj-fuzzy - A handy collection of algorithms dealing with fuzzy strings and phonetics.

  •    Clojure

clj-fuzzy is a native Clojure library providing a collection of famous algorithms dealing with fuzzy strings and phonetics. It can be used in Clojure, ClojureScript, client-side JavaScript and Node.js.

rustemmer - Golang implementation Porter Stemming for Russian language

  •    Go

Golang implementation Porter Stemming for Russian language. You can read package documentation here.

azure-cnab-quickstarts - CNAB packages to deploy applications from Azure to anywhere at all

  •    Shell

This repository contains CNAB quickstart solutions for deploying cloud-native applications from Azure to either Azure or anywhere at all. CNAB bundles in this repository can be either automatically launched from Azure -- using Azure Container Instances to deploy using Porter -- or they can be used with Porter anywhere by referencing the --tag specified in each bundle directory. We currently support application bundles built using Porter.

arm-mixin - A Porter Mixin for using ARM

  •    Go

This is a mixin for Porter that allows you to use ARM templates as part of your bundle.

docker-compose-mixin - Porter mixin for the docker-compose CLI

  •    Go

This is a mixin for Porter that provides the Docker Compose (docker-compose) CLI. This will install the latest mixin release via the Porter CLI.

docker-mixin - A docker mixin for porter

  •    Go

This is a Docker mixin for Porter. The mixin provides the Docker CLI. The Docker client version can be specified via the clientVersion configuration when declaring this mixin. The default client version is currently set to 20.10.7.

helm2-mixin - Helm mixin for Porter

  •    Go

This is a Helm v2 mixin for Porter. It executes the appropriate helm command based on which action it is included within: install, upgrade, or delete. The mixin supports saving secrets from Kuberentes as outputs.

operator - Porter Operator for Kubernetes

  •    Go

🚨 This is a new project; the goals below are aspirational and not all implemented yet. The Porter Operator gives you a native, integrated experience for managing your bundles from Kubernetes. It is the recommended way to automate your bundle pipeline with support for GitOps.

packages - Package lists for Porter: Mixins and Plugins

  •    Makefile

This repository contains package listings for mixins and plugins available for Porter, including those created by the community. The lists are consumed by the Porter CLI when returning results for porter mixins search and porter plugins search. Anyone can create a mixin and list it on Porters search listings. We will lightly vet that the listing works, however the Porter Authors and Project are not responsible for these packages and make no assurances.

skeletor - A Porter Mixin Skeleton Project

  •    Go

This repository contains the skeleton structure of a Porter Mixin. You can clone this repository and use it as a starting point to build new mixins. The structure of this project matches closely with existing Porter Mixins. This mixin is ready to wrap an existing command-line tool. The shortest path would be to edit build.go to add the instructions to download the tool and you are all set. It will look and feel like the gcloud or aws mixins, both of which are built on top of the exec mixin.

terraform-mixin - A Terraform Mixin for Porter

  •    Go

This is a terraform mixin for Porter. This will install the latest mixin release via the Porter CLI.

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