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bingrep - like ~~grep~~ UBER, but for binaries

  •    Rust

NOTE: Building requires rustc version 1.17 or greater. If you're using a distro's rust compiler, consider using https://rustup.rs to install your rustc compiler and associated binaries. bingrep is available through cargo, via cargo install bingrep, or you can build, and install the resulting binary wherever you like.



NetPE is a Portable Executable(PE) editor with full Metadata support. It is developed in C#.



Texe is a PE import and export viewer. You can use it to analyze PE files. Texe exports the report in the form of html document with extension .html preceded by the pe file name given.


  •    CSharp

ArchAssembler is a .net (c#) library providing the functionalities of an assembler. Target architecture is x86/x64 with streaming SIMD extensions. Target executable file format is Windows Portable Executable (PE).

PeNet - Portable Executable (PE) library written in .Net

  •    CSharp

PeNet is a parser for Windows Portable Executable headers. It completely written in C# and does not rely on any native Windows APIs. Furthermore it supports the creation of Import Hashes (ImpHash), which is a feature often used in malware analysis. You can extract Certificate Revocation List, compute different hash sums and other useful stuff for working with PE files. For help see the Wiki.

EnVisen - ROP gadget finder and analysis in pure Javascript

  •    Javascript

⚠️ This tool may only be used for educational, teaching, learning, understanding and research purposes only. Completely self-contained binary ROP/JOP gadget analyzer for comparing two binaries side-by-side and understanding their structures, in 100% pure Javascript, and a self-contained client-side browser application. Focussed on extreme simplicity of usage and portability across platforms.

DebugEngine - Delphi debug framework

  •    Pascal

DebugEngine is a collection of utilities related to debug stuff (stack trace, CPU registers snapshot, debug info, ...). Basically, I started to write a commercial error log plugin for Delphi, then I noticed that my internal framework got bigger and bigger. So I decided to share it with the community in hope it will be useful. Please refer to the Wiki page and see Demo included with the library. Note that all public functions are documented (XML doc). However if you don't understand something, please feel free to contact me.