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email-spec - Collection of RSpec/MiniTest matchers and Cucumber steps for testing email in a ruby app using ActionMailer or Pony

  •    Ruby

A collection of matchers for RSpec, MiniTest and Cucumber steps to make testing emails go smoothly. This library works with ActionMailer and Pony. When using it with ActionMailer it works with ActiveRecord Mailer, and action_mailer_cache_delivery.

PT - PT's proxy

  •    Javascript

Well, you know, ponytown code is very bullshit and we need to proxy it for fuuun.

sdl2-examples - Get started with SDL2. Sample projects for a wide selection of languages.

  •    C++

"hello world" for SDL2 for various programming languages. Each sample creates a window, displays an image, then waits two seconds and quits.

aws-pony - For people who like ponies or poor AWS key hygiene. I think those are the same things.

  •    Javascript

Kids, don't just npm install stuff willy nilly. Things you don't expect can happen. If you're having trouble educating your team about the dangers of leaving credentials in easy to anticipate locations while working in an ecosystem of dependencies that pull dependencies that pull dependencies that no one reviews, try npm install aws-pony --save on some of your projects at work and see if anyone catches the commit.

flufflepuff - Fluffle Puff Programming Language

  •    Lex

BrainPuff is a programming language based on Brainfuck and the speech of everypony's favorite fluffy pony, Fluffle Puff. This project comes with a reference implementation written in C++.

aui - Aui is Semantic UI + React

  •    Javascript

Aui is a small, lightweight glue library that integrates Semantic into React as properties, which feels more natural. Instead of many new React Components, all properties that === true are automatically translated into the className of each tag. Semantic Modules and other semantic javascript can be called as it was intended, like semantic's dropdowns, form validation, and even api.

ponychat - My first Pony app - multi-user telnet-based chat

  •    Pony

Adapted from the TCP Listener example in the Pony language samples. This is my first Pony application and I used it as an experiment to see what it looks like to build an actor-based, multi-user interactive system. Because I'm old as dirt and still have fond memories of MUDs, I chose to model the networking on text-based, telnet input.

flask-ponywhoosh - The missing search engine for your flask app

  •    Python

It's the easiest way to add a search engine in your flask application on the shoulders of Pony ORM and Whoosh. To prove this, we've included some templates to render the search engine. Just checkout the example. <localhost> is often

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