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  •    PHP

PolynomialRegression.php packaged for composer.

Machine_Learning - Estudo e implementação dos principais algoritmos de Machine Learning em Jupyter Notebooks

  •    Jupyter

Esse repositório foi criado com a intenção de difundir o ensino de Machine Learning em português. Os algoritmos aqui implementados não são otimizados e foram implementados visando o fácil entendimento. Portanto, não devem ser utilizados para fins de pesquisa ou outros fins além dos especificados.

MLKit - A simple machine learning framework written in Swift 🤖

  •    Swift

MLKit is a simple machine learning framework written in Swift. Currently MLKit features machine learning algorithms that deal with the topic of regression, but the framework will expand over time with topics such as classification, clustering, recommender systems, and deep learning. The vision and goal of this framework is to provide developers with a toolkit to create products that can learn from data. MLKit is a side project of mine in order to make it easier for developers to implement machine learning algorithms on the go, and to familiarlize myself with machine learning concepts. This project is under active development and is not ready for use in commercial or personal projects.