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ExchangeSharp - ExchangeSharp is a powerful, fast and easy to use

  •    CSharp

ExchangeSharp uses 'symbol' to refer to markets, or pairs of currencies. Please send pull requests if you have made a change that you feel is worthwhile, want a bug fixed or want a new feature. You can also donate to get new features.

poloniex.js - Unofficial Node.js API client for the Poloniex cryptocurrency exchange

  •    Javascript

An (unofficial) Node.js API client for the Poloniex cryptocurrency exchange. The client supports both public (unauthenticated) and private (authenticated) calls to the Poloniex API.

poloniex-api - A Go wrapper to the Poloniex API

  •    Go

This API should be a complete wrapper for the Poloniex api, including the public, private and websocket APIs. To use create a copy of config-example.json and fill in your API key and secret.

poloniex - Poloniex API in Go

  •    Go

Poloniex Push, Public and Trading APIs. Create websocket client.

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