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telegram-bot - Ruby gem for building Telegram Bot with optional Rails integration

  •    Ruby

Breaking changes in v0.14! See upgrade guide. Tools for developing Telegram bots. Best used with Rails, but can be used in standalone app. Supposed to be used in webhook-mode in production, and poller-mode in development, but you can use poller in production if you want.

Squiss - High-volume Amazon SQS Poller for Node.js

  •    Javascript

Squiss aims to process as many messages simultaneously as possible. Set the maxInFlight option to the number of messages your app can handle at one time without choking, and Squiss will attempt to keep that many messages flowing through your app, grabbing more as you mark each message as handled or ready for deletion. If the queue is empty, Squiss will maintain an open connection to SQS, waiting for any messages that appear in real time. By default, anyway. You can configure it to poll however you want. Squiss don't care. Don't be scared of new -- you need to create a new Squiss instance for every queue you want to poll. Squiss is an EventEmitter, so don't forget to call squiss.on('message', (msg) => msg.del()) at the very least.

promise-poller - A basic poller built on top of promises

  •    Javascript

A basic poller built on top of promises. You can use any promise library that is Promises/A+ compliant. Sometimes, you may perform asynchronous operations that may fail. In many of those cases, you want to retry these operations one or more times before giving up. promise-poller handles this elegantly using promises.

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