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gh-polls - Polls for user feedback in GitHub issues

  •    Go

User polls for GitHub powered by Up.These polls work by pasting individual markdown SVG images into your issue, each wrapped with a link that tracks a vote. A single vote per IP is allowed for a given poll, which are stored in DynamoDB.

SPUserPoll - SharePoint Poll Web Part


SPUserPoll provides your SharePoint environment with a set of web parts to allow your end users to create simple polls. It does this without the hassle of the standard SharePoint surveys which is not intended to create a simple 1 question poll.

Opinion Poll SharePoint 2010 Web Part

  •    CSharp

SharePoint web part that highlight active opinion poll and allow visitor to cast a vote and view result immediately. This also include poll management feature.

Jetfire Forms ToolKit


This project allows users to build forms, quiz's and polls easily with immeditate deployment. Check out how to use a dynamic lanaguage to accomplish this.

Polling Web Part


The Poll Web Part allows you to quickly poll your end users without using a lot of real estate like what the SharePoint surveys use.

RolyPoll: Social Voting


A web and mobile application for distributed decision making.


  •    JQuery

Allows you add custom events that can be precisely configured to track changes on DOM nodes (from simple form input updates to tracking anything like CSS position). These events support jQuery Event API (including event delegation!). Plays nicely with resources, monitors DOM updates, clears caches whenever necessary

polls - 📊 Polls app for Nextcloud / ownCloud

  •    Javascript

This is a poll app, similar to doodle or dudle, for Nextcloud / ownCloud written in PHP and JS / jQuery. It is a rework of the already existing polls app written by @raduvatav.This app is supposed to work on Nextcloud version 12+ or ownCloud version 10.

p-wait-for - Wait for a condition to be true

  •    Javascript

Can be useful for polling.Returns a Promise that resolves when condition returns true. Rejects if condition throws or returns a Promise that rejects.

Squiss - High-volume Amazon SQS Poller for Node.js

  •    Javascript

Squiss aims to process as many messages simultaneously as possible. Set the maxInFlight option to the number of messages your app can handle at one time without choking, and Squiss will attempt to keep that many messages flowing through your app, grabbing more as you mark each message as handled or ready for deletion. If the queue is empty, Squiss will maintain an open connection to SQS, waiting for any messages that appear in real time. By default, anyway. You can configure it to poll however you want. Squiss don't care. Don't be scared of new -- you need to create a new Squiss instance for every queue you want to poll. Squiss is an EventEmitter, so don't forget to call squiss.on('message', (msg) => msg.del()) at the very least.

epoll - A low-level Node.js binding for the Linux epoll API

  •    C++

A low-level Node.js binding for the Linux epoll API for monitoring multiple file descriptors to see if I/O is possible on any of them.This module was initially written to detect EPOLLPRI events indicating that urgent data is available for reading. EPOLLPRI events are triggered by interrupt generating GPIO pins. The epoll module is used by onoff to detect such interrupts.

yii2-podium - Yii 2 forum module project

  •    PHP

This extension allows you to add forum to your app.Follow instructions at Podium wiki.

simple-vote - An open-source, live updating, voting platform.

  •    TypeScript

SimpleVote is an open-source, self-hostable, live-updating voting/polling platform, for both live meetings, or extended polls.Polls can be dynamic, meaning users can(if allowed) contribute options and questions themselves.

dudel - This used to be a webapp for scheduling meetings easily

  •    Javascript

A simple group scheduling and poll tool, following the example of doodle.com and similar services. This needs the development packages of some libraries, in particular: libpq, libldap, libsasl2. Make sure you also have scss and coffee (from coffeescript) installed.

OpenSondage - Fork de STUdS

  •    PHP

Un fichier est dédié à l'installation de OpenSondage : INSTALL.md. Un fichier est dédié à l'appréhension du code de OpenSondage : Document technique.

async-polling - An easy way to run reliable polling without messing with setTimeout.

  •    Javascript

An easy way to run reliable polling without messing with setTimeout. Here is an article explaining why using setInterval is discouraged, especially when dealing with asynchronous tasks.

promise-poller - A basic poller built on top of promises

  •    Javascript

A basic poller built on top of promises. You can use any promise library that is Promises/A+ compliant. Sometimes, you may perform asynchronous operations that may fail. In many of those cases, you want to retry these operations one or more times before giving up. promise-poller handles this elegantly using promises.

sqs-queue-parallel - Create a Node

  •    Javascript

sqs-queue-parallel is a node.js library build on top of Amazon AWS SQS with concurrency and parallel message poll support. You can create a poll of SQS queue watchers, each one can receive 1 or more messages from Amazon SQS.

pollmommy - ⭐️ Hack your 🙈 vote out of 📈 Polldaddy surveys - used by 💰 BBC, Microsoft, Forbes, Pfizer, IBM

  •    Javascript

Uses a headless browser to visit a poll website and inject JavaScript code to perform the desired poll voting. You can contribute either with code (e.g., new features, bug fixes and documentation) or by donating 5 EUR. You can read the contributing guidelines for instructions on how to contribute with code.

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