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resolve-pkg - Resolve the path of a package regardless of it having an entry point

Some packages like CLI tools and grunt tasks don't have a entry point, like "main": "foo.js" in package.json, resulting in them not being resolvable by require.resolve(). Unlike require.resolve(), this module also resolves packages without an entry point, returns null instead of throwing when the module can't be found, and resolves from process.cwd() instead __dirname by default.What you would use in require().

breakdancer - A breakpoint tracking utility

Breakdancer is a small utility library that helps developing and using ergonomic breakpoints. Devices and sizes will always change, human ergonomics like palm, wrist, lap, desk, wall never will.Breakdancer is tested and works on both web and react-native platforms. Note that we don't specify react-native as a peer dependency in order to avoid dependency issues on pure web projects, so make sure you have react-native as a dependency.