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pluralize - Pluralize or singularize any word based on a count

  •    Javascript

Pluralize and singularize any word. This module uses a pre-defined list of rules, applied in order, to singularize or pluralize a given word. There are many cases where this is useful, such as any automation based on user input. For applications where the word(s) are known ahead of time, you can use a simple ternary (or function) which would be a much lighter alternative.

globalize - A JavaScript library for internationalization and localization that leverages the official Unicode CLDR JSON data

  •    Javascript

A JavaScript library for internationalization and localization that leverage the official Unicode CLDR JSON data. The library works both for the browser and as a Node.js module. Each language, and the countries that speak that language, have different expectations when it comes to how numbers (including currency and percentages) and dates should appear. Obviously, each language has different names for the days of the week and the months of the year. But they also have different expectations for the structure of dates, such as what order the day, month and year are in. In number formatting, not only does the character used to delineate number groupings and the decimal portion differ, but the placement of those characters differ as well.

intl-messageformat - Format a string with placeholders, including plural and select support to create localized messages

  •    Javascript

Formats ICU Message strings with number, date, plural, and select placeholders to create localized messages.This package aims to provide a way for you to manage and format your JavaScript app's string messages into localized strings for people using your app. You can use this package in the browser and on the server via Node.js.

intl-messageformat-parser - Parses ICU message strings to an AST that can be used to format the messages for a person's locale

  •    Javascript

Parses ICU Message strings into an AST via JavaScript.This package implements a parser in JavaScript that parses the industry standard ICU Message strings — used for internationalization — into an AST. The produced AST can then be used by a compiler, like intl-messageformat, to produce localized formatted strings for display to users.

node-cldr - node

  •    Javascript

The extraction code was originally written for the inter i18n library, but can be used on its own. To understand the data itself, you might need to dive into the LDML specification, which describes the schema of the CLDR XML files.

gettexter - GNU-gettext compatible Erlang translation app.

  •    Erlang

You may use this app to translate libraries as well as your own business apps and use them in single installation with no conflicts. Libraries may ship their own translations inside their distribution. You definitely should be familiar with GNU gettext before start using this library.

underscore.inflection - ActiveSupport::Inflector, for underscore!

  •    Javascript

I'll be the first to say it; this isn't the first port of ActiveSupport::Inflector to js. Not by a long shot. But I'll definitely take underscore mixins over extending String.prototype or other clunky implementations any day. The methods listed below are the ones you'll be using 99% of the time.

fluent-rs - Rust implementation of Project Fluent

  •    Rust

fluent-rs is a collection of Rust crates implementing Project Fluent. Implementation of the Fluent Localization System providing localization capabilities for any Rust project.

translatedjs - Internationalization and localization for JavaScript and Node.js

  •    Javascript

Internationalization (i18n) and localization (l10n) library. This library uses ECMAScript Internationalization API and industry standards ICU Message Format and Unicode CLDR locale data. It is build on top of intl-messageformat and intl-relativeformat packages from Yahoo Inc..

numd - Pluralize a word

  •    Javascript

Count to determine a word. Word in the nominative singular.

svelte-fluent - Svelte components for easy integration of Fluent localization in Svelte/Sapper/SvelteKit applications

  •    Javascript

svelte-fluent provides Svelte components for easy integration of Fluent localization in Svelte / Sapper / SvelteKit applications. Inspired by @fluent/react. This example showcases the most basic usage of svelte-fluent. Check the rendered Storybook and the related stories in the stories/ directory for more advanced usecases.

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