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PlumHound - Bloodhound for Blue and Purple Teams

  •    Python

Released as Proof of Concept for Blue and Purple teams to more effectively use BloodHoundAD in continual security life-cycles by utilizing the BloodHoundAD pathfinding engine to identify Active Directory security vulnerabilities resulting from business operations, procedures, policies and legacy service operations. PlumHound operates by wrapping BloodHoundAD's powerhouse graphical Neo4J backend cypher queries into operations-consumable reports. Analyzing the output of PlumHound can steer security teams in identifying and hardening common Active Directory configuration vulnerabilities and oversights.

PlumHound-Tasks - Community Tasks/Plans for PlumHound Queueing

  •    CSS

PlumHound is a Report Engine for the BloodHoundAD graphical database Active Directory tool. PlumHound-Tasks is a community driven set of tasks (work) that instructs PlumHound to extract specific information from BloodHoundAD and build a subsequent report. The initial PlumHound code was released on May 14th, 2020 during a Black Hills Information Security webcast, A Blue Teams Perspective on Red Team Tools. The webcast was recorded and is available on YouTube here[Link TBA].

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