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awesome-fish-shell - A curated list of awesome tools, prompts and other cool nuggets for the amazing fish-shell


A curated list of awesome tools, prompts and other cool nuggets for the amazing fish-shell. To contribute, fork this repository, add your amazing nugget and send a PR.

babel-handbook - :blue_book: A guided handbook on how to use Babel and how to create plugins for Babel

  •    Javascript

A guided handbook on how to use Babel and how to create plugins for Babel. If you are reading a non-English translation of this document you will find a number of English words that are programming concepts. If these were translated to other languages there would be a lack of consistency and fluency when reading about them. In many cases you will find the literal translation followed by the English term in parenthesis (). For example: Abstract Syntax Trees (ASTs).

mybatipse - Eclipse plugin adding support for MyBatis SQL Mapper Framework.

  •    Java

MyBatis is a popular SQL Mapper framework. And MyBatipse is an Eclipse plug-in which provids content assists and validations when editing MyBatis related files. Mapper namespace : Calculated from the path.

lein-fore-prob - A leiningen plugin to make a local copy of a problem from 4clojure

  •    Clojure

A leiningen plugin which given a problem from 4clojure will populate the current project’s tests with the problem’s tests. This is based on lein-foreclojure-plugin code updated for Leiningen 2. You can use multiple problem ids at the same time. Use the open subcommand to open these problems in a browser instead of adding it to the current project.

ah-passport-plugin - An actionhero plugin for the passport authentication middleware

  •    Javascript

##Semver This project aims to maintain the semver version numbering scheme. ##Overview ah-passport-plugin is a plugin for the actionhero API framework/system which allows usage of passport authentication middleware in actionhero projects. There are a large number of passport strategies available which provide authentication backends for various websites/social networks/backends etc. - for example, Github, Twitter, Facebook, Google, Youtube...

wordpress-indieweb-press-this - some IndieWeb magic for WordPress' "press this" bookmarklet

  •    PHP

IndieWebified Press This bookmarklets. It requires the Press This plugin for WordPress with Bookmarklet support as of WordPress 4.9, when Press This was removed from WordPress.


  •    Javascript

How to display td content depends on column render value. To fetch data and launch the flow, you need to call datagrid fetch( filters ) method.

aurelia-mdl - Aurelia plugin for Material Design Lite

  •    HTML

Aurelia wrapper for Material Design Lite. Base Source forked from Thanood/aurelia-material. with lots of credit to redpelicans/aurelia-material. Depends on genadis/encapsulated-mdl.

skeleton-plugin - A starter kit for building an Aurelia plugin.

  •    Javascript

This skeleton is part of the Aurelia platform. It sets up a standard aurelia plugin using gulp to build your ES6 code with the Babel compiler. Karma/Jasmine testing is also configured. To keep up to date on Aurelia, please visit and subscribe to the official blog and our email list. We also invite you to follow us on twitter. If you have questions, please join our community on Gitter or use stack overflow. Documentation can be found in our developer hub. If you would like to have deeper insight into our development process, please install the ZenHub Chrome or Firefox Extension and visit any of our repository's boards.

aurelia-charts - Graphs plugin for aurelia. Supports all libraries.

  •    Javascript

A standardized way of leveraging multiple frameworks. Aurelia-charts is not about reinventing the wheel. To be able to customize the charts, one is required to read the docs of the chart library being implemented.

aurelia-charts-c3 - C3 adapter for aurelia-graphs.

  •    Javascript

Aurelia chart c3 supports the following c3 charts.

metalsmith-concat - :paperclip: Metalsmith plugin to concatenate files

  •    Javascript

A Metalsmith plugin to concatenate files. This defines which files are concatenated. This string will be interpreted as a minimatch pattern. An array of strings will be interpreted as minimatch patterns, in this case the order of the patterns matters (it will determine the order in which the files are concatenated).

metalsmith-define - :speech_balloon: Metalsmith plugin to define values in the metadata

  •    Javascript

A Metalsmith plugin to define values in the metadata. The option object passed to metalsmith-define contains couples of key/value. Each value will be exposed in the metadata at the corresponding key.

metalsmith-redirect - :arrows_clockwise: Metalsmith plugin to create HTTP redirections

  •    Javascript

A Metalsmith plugin to create HTTP redirections. This plugin can be configured by passing an object. Each key/value will be used to create a redirection. Each key corresponds to the source and the associated value to the destination.

cljsee - Backporting cljc

  •    Clojure

Cljsee is a Leiningen plugin that aims to help library authors to write portable code in the .cljc format that can be used by projects that run Clojure 1.6 or below. It accomplishes this by parsing the cljc conditionals as a compile-time step and producing .clj and .cljs files with only the relevant code. Cljsee performs a very similar role to the now-deprecated cljx plugin (and I've intentionally modeled cljsee's build configuration after cljx's syntax to make it easy to switch over). But users of cljsee have access to the modern reader conditionals that are official to the Clojure language, including the splicing (#?@(...)) conditional, instead of the #+clj / #+cljs syntax specific to the cljx plugin.

codewind-che-plugin - The official plugin for Codewind on Eclipse Che

  •    Go

To build the sidecar image, run ./build.sh. We use the main Codewind git repo (https://github.com/eclipse/codewind) for issue tracking.