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Managed Extensibility Framework

  •    DotNet

The Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) is a library in .NET that enables greater reuse of applications and components. Using MEF, .NET applications can make the shift from being monolithic to dynamically composed. If you are building extensible applications, MEF is for you.

Insert Google Translation


A plugin that will allow you to input some text and translate it and insert it into a blog entry using Windows Live Writer


  •    JQuery

A jQuery plugin to force inline events to jQuery bind() events and to override/subscribe to existing JavaScript functions. Sometimes, it just needs to work.

Author-it Sync Headings Plug-in


The Sync Headings Plug-in is an Author-it plug-in that allows the user to synchronize the Print, Help, and Web headings with the Description for topics.

Catel ReSharper plugin


ReSharper plugin for Catel.

Text Template Plugin For Windows Live Writer


The Text Template Plugin for Windows Live Writer provides a means to store and re-use common "snips" or templates. Common terms, emotes/moods, links, images, etc can all be stored, viewed, sorted, searched and re-used.

Fiddler bulk urlreplace


Fiddler bulk URL extends Fiddler2’s existing UrlReplace command with a few new features like multiple search/replace items, UI, load and save commands, extended command line interface and a few other tricks.


  •    CSharp

Plugin to render 3D Videos and TV Channels in MediaPortal



Koda is an addin that extends and enhances the functionality of Visual Studio 2005/2008.

ASPAlliance SimpleCMS

  •    ASPNET

Simple CMS is an ASP.NET plug-in which can be added to any ASP.NET website with the AJAX Control Toolkit installed. To install Simple CMS requires no code and only a few entries in the web.config. It allows web administrators to quickly and easily add content.

CCNet Conditional Plugin


CCNet Conditional Plugin allows CCNet to perform tasks based on a set of different conditions like Build condition, status, file existence ect.

Author-it DITA Importer


Author-it plug-in that imports DITA XML content into a library.

Silverlight.Hosting Library

  •    Silverlight

Silverlight.Hosting is a lightweight, easy-to-use library for embedding Silverlight content into a WPF or Windows Forms application.

Symmetry XAML Plugins (Osiris Release)

  •    DotNet

Got a bug you just can't crack? Want to automate or customize something but the team will howl at you for checking it in? Symmetry Plugins to the rescue!!!

jQuery Unified Export File

  •    Javascript

A library that enables any web developers to export file by ajax using jQuery.

Exceptional ReSharper Plugin


This is a plugin for great ReSharper product. The main purpose for that plugin is to aid developers to analyse thrown exceptions and provide some guidance about them. It introduces the notion of checked exception that you may know from Java to C#.

Smooth Streaming Video Player Plugin for WordPress

  •    Silverlight

With this plugin, you can link Smooth Streaming (in live mode or not) and progressive download videos (MP4, WMV) to a post and play it inside a Silverlight player on a PC or Mac. You can also play your videos on a iPhone or iPad because this plugin implements a HTML 5 video tag.

Internet Explorer Plugin: TabSaver


Basically this plugin is able to save open Tabs from an Internet Explorer session. The goal would be to save tab information, such as history, etc.. Currently the plugin is only capable of saving the Tab URLs. This Plugin uses SpicIE framework and is developed in C#.

CRM 2011 VAT Calculator


Flexible solution for automatic calculation of taxes in CRM 2011. Can be configured to fit ones needs.

NIPO Data Processing Component Framework


NIPO is a general purpose component framework for data processing applications (that follow the IPO-principle). Its plugin-based architecture makes it scalable, flexible and enables a broad range of usage scenarios.