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Fast Code Eclipse Plugin

  •    Java

Fast Code Plugin is a free eclipse plugin designed to help write code faster in Java and Php applications. In Java, it has some special features for applications that uses the well known Spring Framework. It helps to generate code snippets based on fields from arbitrary pojo class or class from any package or files in folder, Generates database templates, Spring config files, Boiler plate classes, Junit test code and lote more.


  •    C++

The VisualDDK is a plugin for Microsoft Visual Studio allowing debugging device drivers right from the IDE. Additionally, a simple Driver Project Wizard is provided.


  •    CSharp

VST.NET allows VST Plugin developers to write Plugins in any .NET language. It makes the transition between the C++ and .NET world smooth and easy.


  •    ActionScript

A Flex Pluggable Extension Framework


  •    DotNet

Sparrow.NET is an open source application framework that makes building .NET applications easier and quicker.

Little Wiki Plugins


Little wiki plugins is a small project for developing plugins for two popular wikis i.e. Dokuwiki and Tiddlywiki

tvali.ge/ip/other player by flai

  •    DotNet

iptv player that is based on vlc library under c#. Contains ukr and rus channels and the ability to add channels through its interface in c#. Video taken from the stream tvali.ge and moetv.tv resources and channels available on the Internet

LoadFileToRepl - A Sublime plugin that provides native commands to load current source file into SublimeREPL

  •    Python

This is a companion plugin for SublimeREPL providing a command to load current source file into according REPL. It just uses a REPL command, like :load "foo.hs" for Haskell, or (load-file "foo.clj") for Clojure and etc. save_focus — if true, saves focus on the source file, else moves cursor to REPL (true by default).

hexo-symbols-count-time - Symbols count and time to read of articles plugin for Hexo.

  •    Javascript

Symbols count and time to read of articles. Better than hexo-reading-time and faster than hexo-worcount. No external dependencies.