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  •    CSharp

PhatStudio is a Visual Studio plugin which lets you quickly navigate to any file in your project in just a few keystrokes, even for very large projects. It also includes a header flip/switch to related file feature, bound to Alt+S by default. Header flip will switch between a .cpp file and corresponding .h/.hpp file. It will also switch between other related file types, such as aspx/aspx.cs and ascx/ascx.cs.

Mapster - Live events map as a Kibana plugin

  •    Javascript

Mapster is a real-time event map implemented as a Kibana visualization. Mapster is not truely in real-time. It fetches the events from ElasticSearch using Kibana and replays the events in real time with a lag corresponding to the Kibana refresh time.


  •    JQuery

WhatWeather is a jQuery plugin which provides weather's data. It uses worldweatheronline.com API to get, parse and deliver data in order to create weather's widgets.

node-flp - FL Studio project file parser for node.js

  •    Javascript

FL Studio project file parser for node.js

interfacetable_v3t - interfacetable_v3t (formerly check_interface_table_v3t)

  •    Perl

Interfacetable_v3t (formerly check_interface_table_v3t) is a Nagios(R) addon that allows you to monitor the network interfaces of a node (e.g. router, switch, server) without knowing each interface in detail. Only the hostname (or ip address) and the snmp community string are required. It generates a html page gathering some info on the monitored node and a table of all interfaces/ports and their status. See the TODO file for coming features.

node-ircbot - A custom little node.js irc bot based on node-irc

  •    Javascript

Or you can clone this repo. Check out example/bot.js for creating an instance of the bot.

arduino-create-agent-js-client - JS module providing discovery of the Arduino Create Plugin and communication with it

  •    Javascript

Version 2 of the arduino-create-agent aims to provide a cleaner api based on promises. It will remain confined to a v2 property on the daemon object until it will be stable. At the moment it only supports tool management. To enable communication between your local installation and the Arduino Create Agent add origins = http://localhost:8000 on your agent config.ini file (if you are using https, add origins = https://localhost:8000).

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