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dash - Interactive, Reactive Web Apps for Python. Dash Is Productive™

  •    Python

Build on top of Plotly.js, React, and Flask, Dash ties modern UI elements like dropdowns, sliders, and graphs directly to your analytical python code. Here’s a 43-line example of a Dash App that ties a Dropdown to a D3.js Plotly Graph. As the user selects a value in the Dropdown, the application code dynamically exports data from Google Finance into a Pandas DataFrame. This app was written in just 43 lines of code (view the source).

crypto-whale-watching-app - Python Dash app that tracks whale activity in cryptocurrency markets.

  •    Python

Welcome! This is a Python-based Dash app meant to track whale activity in buy / sell walls on crypto-currency exchanges (presently just operational for GDAX, but more exchanges to come). This document aims to explain the purpose, functionality, and future of this project. Please do share this with your fellow coders / traders / crypto-aficionados, donate via the donation addresses included in the "Support Needed" section below, and contribute to the future of this project by calling out issues, requesting new features, and submitting pull requests to improve the app. If you want to use a hosted version of the app, check out this link here which has been graciously hosted by a member of the Ethereum community while we raise money via donations to migrate to AWS. If for any reason the page does not load properly, feel free to let us know via an issue, but more than likely it is because we are updating to the newest version of the codebase or performing maintenance.

dash-core-components - A dash component starter pack :stars:

  •    Javascript

This package provides the core React component suite for Dash. (and then repeat step 3).

dash-recipes - A collection of scripts and examples created while answering questions from the greater Dash community

  •    Python

This repo contains all of the Dash examples that I have created while helping out the Dash community on https://community.plot.ly/c/dash. These examples are unordered and unorganized and they might not be helpful (yet) without the context that the Dash community forum provided while creating them.

dash-redis-celery-periodic-updates - A Dash demo app tying together Dash, Redis, and Celery to periodically update an app's data

  •    Python

Connect to a Redis instance from Dash. Use Celery for asynchronous (periodic or user-triggered) tasks.

dash-redis-demo - Connect to Redis from Dash

  •    Python

This app demonstrates how to connect to a Redis database from Dash. It works out of the box with the Redis server built in to Dash On Premise but could be adapted to work with other servers such as Heroku Redis or your local Redis server.

dash-svm - Interactive SVM Explorer, using Dash and scikit-learn

  •    Python

This is a demo of the Dash interactive Python framework developed by Plotly. Dash abstracts away all of the technologies and protocols required to build an interactive web-based application and is a simple and effective way to bind a user interface around your Python code. To learn more check out our documentation.