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plivo-node - Plivo node.js helper

  •    Javascript

The Node.js SDK makes it simpler to integrate communications into your Node.js applications using the Plivo REST API. Using the SDK, you will be able to make voice calls, send SMS and generate Plivo XML to control your call flows. If you have the 0.4.1 version (a.k.a legacy) already installed, you may have to first uninstall it before installing the new version.

sms_blitz - Send SMS messages through multiple different providers

  •    Elixir

SmsBlitz is a library for elixir that allows you to send SMS messages through multiple different providers. SmsBlitz provides a generic behaviour to make it easy to write conforming client libraries, while also making it simple for developers to choose which provider to use (you could use ex_phone_number to detect the destination country and use the cheapest provider for that country, for example).