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CherryMusic - A music streaming server written in python

  •    Python

CherryMusic is a music streaming server written in python. It helps to stream your own music collection to all your device. It provides support to share playlists with your friends. It has a built-in database, that will index your music. Find your favorite song in an instant. It plays the music inside your PC, smartphone, tablet, toaster or whatever device has a HTML5 compliant browser installed.

waveform-playlist - Multitrack Web Audio editor and player with canvas waveform preview

  •    Javascript

Inspired by Audacity, this project is a multiple track playlist editor written in ES2015 using the Web Audio API. Load tracks and set cues (track cue in, cue out), fades (track fade in, fade out) and track start/end times within the playlist. I've written up some demos on github for the different audio fade types in the project.

react-media-player - React audio and video player.

  •    Javascript

Components and decorators to help build video & audio players in React. Supports HTML5, Youtube, and Vimeo media types. A special wrapper component that collects information from the Player component and passes down the proper props to withMediaProps decorator.

Band Aid


Band Aid is a garage band management software that help band owners in their usual tasks (playlist creation and mixing, shows cachet, manage budget, calculate attendees redemption).

Windows Media Playlist Generator

  •    DotNet

The Windows Media Playlist Generator is a simple windows application that generates playlist files for Windows Media Player (v11) based on the files within a selected folder.



This Windows 7 Media Center plug-in allows you to view video in a slide-show fashion. It features a "clip" capability that can play random clips of video media (45 sec, 90 sec and 2 min intervals). It also integrates with Windows Home Server and Windows 7 Homegroup.



A tool to help convert Rhapsody playlists and libraries to Spotify playlists.

playlistfromsong - Create an offline music playlist from a single song :notes:

  •    Python

Generate an offline playlist from a single song.For more complete usage, see the docs.

solarizd - Music (youtube) player written in angular.js

  •    Javascript

Solarizd is a music player which enables you to create playlists and get recommendations for more music you might like. Solarizd uses freely available streaming APIs such as YouTube and SoundCloud to deliver music-on-demand, and harnesses the power of APIs like The Echo Nest and last.fm for recommendations.This README describes the steps required for setting up a development environment. You are required to supply a json file containing API keys for the relevant services used by this app, make sure to read API Keys section.

android-pls-parser - A playlist file (*.pls) parser library for Android

  •    Java

A playlist file (*.pls) parser library for Android. Please check the format's Wikipedia page for details. Snapshots of the development version are available in Sonatype's snapshots repository.

spotify-dl - Downloads songs from your Spotify My Music collection

  •    Python

Downloads songs from any Spotify playlist or from your "My Music" collection. I wanted an easy way to grab the songs present in my library so I can download it & use it offline(Spotify still hasn't launched here. Y U NO COME?). spotify_to_mp3 worked well but it relied on grooveshark, which unfortunately is no more.


  •    Javascript

jQuery plugin to interact with the Youtube API. Latest jQuery.

spotlistTV - :tv: Play Spotify Playlists on Youtube.

  •    Javascript

Built with NodeJS, Express, Backbone, and ES6. Run server.

Spotlistr - 🎧 Convert Anything to a Spotify Playlist!

  •    Javascript

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.

tunes - Native <audio> and <video> playlists

  •    Javascript

[data-tunes] is the data attribute in which the JSON playlist is stored. It is designed to be placed on a container element that holds the media element and related informational elements such as credits or captions. It can contain inline JSON or the filename of a .json file to load via AJAX. Inline JSON is more performant and more stable than loading AJAX requests. [data-tunes-insert] makes it possible to insert values from the properties in your media object into your HTML.

javascript-playlist-parser - Parse m3u, pls, and asx in JavaScript

  •    CoffeeScript

Parse m3u, m3u extended, pls, and asx in JavaScript. Adds window.M3U.parse, window.PLS.parse, and window.ASX.parse which take a string and return a possibly empty array of objects.

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