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deck-of-cards - HTML5 Deck of Cards

  •    Javascript

Pure vanilla JS (+ CSS3) – no dependencies, by Juha Lindstedt & contributors. Frontside card graphics are slightly modified from Chris Aguilar's awesome Vector Playing Card Graphics Set.

Scrum-Card-Game - Scrum Card Game: Scrum Sprint Simulation played as a multi-player card game

  •    Python

A card game has been created in this project to support learners of agile framework SCRUM. The card game is used so that players experience work in a simulated SCRUM sprint scenario. It allows reflection of many questions and topics that happen in real life while working in a SCRUM team, too. Players act in a collaborative team environment during game play. Multiple teams can compete against each other. This game is typically played during a training or workshop. The concept to simulate real life scenarios in game play turns out to be an approach for several authors in the agile domain. The intention of such an approach is to ease understanding of underlying methods and strategies for learners of the agile software development domain. The proposal of using such a card game follows the idea that a simulated game scenario is helpful for experienced players to either exploit situations not experienced so far and explore or test strategies when encoutering real life situations similar or close to the ones as simulated in game play.