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Gistlyn - Run Roslyn Gists

  •    TypeScript

Github project powering gistlyn.com - A C# Gist IDE for creating, running and sharing stand-alone, executable C# snippets.Gistlyn is the ultimate collaborative tool for trying out and exploring C# and .NET libraries on NuGet from a zero install - modern browser. It's ideal for use as a companion tool for trying out libraries during development or on the go from the comfort of your iPad by going to gistlyn.com.

aik - Frontend Playground

  •    Javascript

This project aims to help to prototype faster and not supposed to be a part of any production-ready system. If you want solutions that are better for production use case you can take a look at the alternatives section down below. Just add a require or an import statement in a JavaScript file and you are ready to go.

go-playground - GNU/Emacs mode that setup local Go playground for code snippets like play

  •    Emacs

The simple mode for GNU/Emacs for setting up local Go language playground with features similar (and with help of go-mode even outperform!) service at play.golang.org. You may treat it like the simple REPL for Go. This is not a wrapper for working with play.golang.org from Emacs (it is already did by original go-mode), this is complete alternative for setting local playground inside Emacs without using browser for experiments with code snippets. Web playground at play.golang.org is a nice idea. It has not require setup and it executes your code in a restricted environment where you can't damage you system. But it brings many restrictions too especially when you want use additional helpers for working with your code: formatters, code completers etc. Emacs offers many such tools for Go development so it is the most comfortable play with snippets inside Emacs instead of rude webeditor. Of course local playground requres you to setup Go environment but if you developing in Go (or you want to do it) you are anyway would need to setup go-mode and helper tools for working with code in a comfortable way.

rust-playground - GNU/Emacs mode that setup local playground for code snippets in Rust language.

  •    Emacs

GNU/Emacs mode that setup local playground for code snippets in Rust language. This is a port of go-playground adapted for Rust environment.