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pencilblue - Business class content management for Node

Business class content management for Node.js (plugins, server cluster management, data-driven pages)

OpenExpressApp make business engineers develop applications


Community Bridge 2 (Answers)

Community project for accessing the MS Answers-Forums (http://answers.microsoft.com/) with any NNTP client. It provides an NNTP server (bridge) for the forums.

TFS Integration Field Mapping Tool

TFS Integration Field Mapper provides a GUI to assist in mapping the fields from source to destination team projects. It basically helps generate the mapping files needed to run the TFS integration toolkit.

eCommerce by Onex Community Edition

eCommerce by Onex is a platform created for complex internet sale managment. It offers quick access to every product in your offer and allows you to complete all placed orders.


Platform project. To be continued.

platform-status - Project Platform Status

Platform Status gives developers a cross-platform and cross-browser roadmap for browser features, from standardization and development to release. Not only a channel to raise awareness, it can also drive adoption and improve the vital feedback loop Firefox's platform needs to have with web developers. For most developers it will be a reference to discover and learn, but it has the potential to provide the entry points for radical participation on Mozilla's platform development.Existing web compatibility references, like caniuse focus on cross-browser compatibility but don't cover un-released features and lag behind on features that already shipped. Major browser vendors (Edge, Chrome, Webkit) are publicising their own platform status with references to their bug tracking and bug owners. Similar to Platform Status' goal, Chrome tracks consensus/enthusiasm from other browsers using sources that range from bugs, to IRC logs to tweets.

deployment-type - Determine the potential deployment type of a project on Δ now

This Node.js package inspects a certain file or directory path of your choice and then responds with the deployment type that will be selected for it when deployed with now.All of ZEIT's now clients (like Now Desktop and Now CLI) are using this package.

now-cloud - Where you can report bugs of our platform

This is where users can report bugs of the Now platform (a.k.a. "cloud").

canoe - Front-end microservice pipeline platform

An app frame is an html file that contains canoe-fragment elements in places when canoe will render a fragment.The canoe-fragment tag is an html custom element that will be in charge of loading and managing the state of the fragment.