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picongpu - Particle-in-cell simulations for the exascale era :sparkles:

  •    C++

PIConGPU is a fully relativistic, manycore, 3D3V particle-in-cell (PIC) code. The Particle-in-Cell algorithm is a central tool in plasma physics. It describes the dynamics of a plasma by computing the motion of electrons and ions in the plasma based on Maxwell's equations. As one of our supported compute platforms, GPUs provide a computational performance of several TFLOP/s at considerable lower invest and maintenance costs compared to multi CPU-based compute architectures of similar performance. The latest high-performance systems (TOP500) are enhanced by accelerator hardware that boost their peak performance up to the multi-PFLOP/s level. With its outstanding performance and scalability to more than 18'000 GPUs, PIConGPU was one of the finalists of the 2013 Gordon Bell Prize.

simplex-noise.js - A fast simplex noise implementation in Javascript.

  •    Javascript

simplex-noise.js is a fast simplex noise implementation in Javascript. It works in the browser and on nodejs. By default simplex-noise.js will use Math.random() to seed the noise.

plasma - Plasma Programming Language

  •    Mercury

Plasma is a new programming language for safe and efficent general purpose use. It is a statically typed, side-effect free single assignment language and will have functional programming and concurrent programming features. It will support deterministic parallel execution. For a general overview, please visit https://plasmalang.org/ It is in early development. It is free software, distributed mostly under the MIT license, see LICENSE.

deepblockchains - Deep Blockchains - reference implementation of Plasma, Stark, SMT and more

  •    Go

In this research, We describe how a deep blockchain architecture can address bottlenecks of a modern single-layer blockchain without sacrificing their core benefits of immutability, security, or trustlessness. Layer 1: Root Chain - which stores/publishes the SMT (Sparse Merkle Tree) root of {Plasma Transactions, and Anchor Transactions, Plasma Accounts} etc.

go-plasma - Deep Blockchains - reference implementation of Plasma

  •    Go

Reference implementation of plasma and DeepBlockchain in Go. Wolk has augmented Plasma to support the Deep Blockchain Architecture described in this paper. Wolk is exploring a "Plasma Hybrid" implementation, where Sparse Merkle Trees are built to keep track both the canonical transactions included in each block and the latest full states. Hence the name plasma-hybrid.

plasma-cli - All In One stateful Plasma-Cash client, browser compatible

  •    TypeScript

Node JS All in one Plasma Cash client. alice.json has your private key in hex form. contract.json has a plasma key which is the Plasma Contract's address, and a block parameter which should be the block at which the Plasma Contract was deployed. This is needed so that event filtering doesnt check from blocks before than the Plasma contract was deployed.

more-minimal-plasma-chain - a Plasma chain for https://github.com/kfichter/more-minimal-plasma

  •    Go

NOTICE: This is an experimental software, don't run in production. Please install Docker Compose in advance.

PlasmaParentContract - Main chain smart contract for Bankex Plasma implementation

  •    Javascript

In progress. We work hard on lower gas prices and more transactions per second.

dotfiles - How to use i3 window manager on the top of KDE Plasma and other dotfiles, configurations, scripts, workarounds and practises from my debian machines

  •    Javascript

Each folder is named after a package and contains every configuration file used by that application. Besides some noted exceptions, the files inside the folders are relative to home (e.g. the file vim/.vimrc goes to ~/.vimrc). Every section here explains which settings and (if any) workarounds/fixes are used to obtain the described result.

go-plasmamvp - Go implementation for plasma mvp. Highly experimental and just for fun!

  •    Go

This is a WIP plasma mvp implementation in Go. We are learning plasma by trying to implement. plasma is a simple CLI that enables you to interact with Plasma chain.

plasma-cash - Plasma Cash Contract & Client. ERC721, ERC20, and ETH compatible

  •    Javascript

To see the integrations run against the Loom SDK you must download the loom SDK, refer to https://loomx.io/developers/docs/en/basic-install-osx.html.

plasmajs - An isomorphic nodeJS framework based on react

  •    Javascript

An isomorphic NodeJS framework powered with React for building web apps. In MyMiddleWare.jsx...

dirtsand - The D'ni in Real-Time Server and Network Dæmon

  •    C++

DIRTSAND is a full featured MOULa-compatible server platform for POSIX-compliant operating systems, written in C++ and released under the AGPL version 3+. Currently, it has only been tested on Linux, but in theory it should work on other Unixes as well. There are, however, currently no plans for Windows development or support. If you run into any errors about finding libraries or headers, make sure you have the development versions of all of the required libraries, and that they are in your path. You can also use the cmake-gui to help cmake locate the missing paths and files.

korman - Blender plugin for creating ages for Cyan Worlds' proprietary Plasma engine and its open source variant, CyanWorlds

  •    Python

Korman is written primarily in Python and therefore requires little in the way of compiling. However, Korman depends on the libHSPlasma Python bindings called "PyHSPlasma". Therefore, you will need to compile libHSPlasma with python bindings for the platform of your choice. You will need to be certain that you use the same version of Python that ships with your Blender install. Once you have done this, copy the HSPlasma library and PyHSPlasma python library into Blender's python/lib/site-packages. See the installer directory for NSIS scripts. You can make a Windows installer by using makensis -DPYTHON_DLL=[pythonDllName] Installer.nsi. Be sure to provide the Visual C++ redistributable and libHSPlasma libraries. Prebuilt installers will be provided on the Guild of Writers website.

libhsplasma - Cross-platform Plasma data and network library

  •    C++

libHSPlasma uses the CMake build system, which can generate project files for all major operating systems. On Windows, make sure you have the required libraries as well as Visual Studio (Express Edition works fine), and then use the generated .sln files to compile.

Plasma - Cyan Worlds's Plasma game engine

  •    C++

A CMake-based fork of the GPLv3-licensed CyanWorlds.com Engine (Headspin/Plasma), with a focus on bug-fixes, cross-platform compatibility, and enhanced features. Reducing the use of proprietary libraries is a focus of development and should be expected to change.

donate_plasma - 🏆 World Runner-Up project of International Flutter Hackthon 2020

  •    Dart

Welcome to Donate Plasma project. As we all know, we are facing a global pandemic named as COVID-19. Scientists are trying to discover vaccines to cure people affected with corona virus. In this critical situation different types of treatments are given by different doctors. Some doctors recommended plasma therapy for the patient who is in the critical situation. In this situation it is difficult for a patient to find a donor as everybody can’t donate plasma. Plasma is the clear, straw-colored liquid portion of blood that remains after red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and other cellular components are removed. In Convalescent Plasma Therapy (CPT), plasma collected from recovered patients is infused into patients who currently have the disease.