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OptaPlanner - Optimizes business resource scheduling and planning.

  •    Java

OptaPlanner is a constraint satisfaction solver. It optimizes business resource planning. OptaPlanner optimizes such planning problems to do more business with less resources. Use cases include Vehicle Routing, Employee Rostering, Job Scheduling, Bin Packing and many more.

TFS Project Estimator

  •    DotNet

TFS Project Estimator is a tool that allows extracts to be taken from TFS into an Excel spreadsheet to measure time taken to complete Tasks, and any child Tasks

Agile Poker Cards for Windows Mobile


During a scrum or other agile processes, you have to estimate the size of a user story during a planning session. With the Agile Poker Cards program there is no need for using real cards anymore!



Thyme makes it easier for school students to create class timetables and manage their homework commitments. With Thyme, due dates can be set according to the timetable, meaning less work to set due dates. Thyme is developed in C#. Source code will be forthcoming.



ERP INTERNET PRIMATRONICA es un sistema de administración y planificación de para empresas pequeñas y medianas. Instalable en servidor Internet o Intranet, cuenta con una base de datos en Español y está construido sobre lenguajes ASP y base de datos MS SQL Server 2005.

Dreamsplan.com - time / task / project management


Simplest online TASK MANAGEMENT and PLANNING tool - single click interface, superfast, no registration, touch supported

Team Foundation Server Planning Guide


Visual Studio ALM Rangers practical and scenario based guidance for the implementation of TFS and DR Avoidance.

Code Camp Room Planner

  •    CSharp

An application to help plan sessions at a code camp. The assumption is made that the sessions have been chosen, and that attendees have been surveyed as to which sessions they plan to attend. The app will help the organizer decide the best schedule with the data.

Auto Project Planner


Auto Project Planner automatically computes project plans, based on due dates, given estimations and other variables According to this input the software compute time plans by minimizing the MSE (mean squared error) between expected and computed end dates. The idea is t...

jorani - Leave and Overtime Management System

  •    PHP

Jorani is a Leave Management System developed in PHP/MySQL under an AGPL v3 licence. Jorani is designed to provide simple leave and overtime request workflows for small organizations. This project is stable and ready for production. An online demo is available here : https://demo.jorani.org/ Use bbalet / bbalet for login / password.

roadmap - A simple CLI script to generate a formatted Roadmap from Github issues and milestones

  •    Javascript

Generates a README.md file from all milestones and issues in a given Github repository.To generate a README.md roadmap just install roadmap and run it.

agenda-cli - :calendar: Keep track of things in the future.

  •    Javascript

a small cli program to keep track of things in the future

gantt-chart - generate an svg gantt chart in node and the browser

  •    Javascript

View this example on htmlbin.Create a gantt chart instance g from some tasks.

stashline - A long term personal finance planning timeline app for IOS

  •    Objective-C

StashLine is an IOS app for long term personal finance planning and simulation. For me it was a challenge to make something that was polished, complete, visually appealing and well designed. Not to mention that I wanted it as a useful tool for myself. It's been reasonably popular with around 7500 lifetime downloads.Check out the StashLine website for much more information. You can also check it out on the IOS app store.

strips - AI Automated Planning with STRIPS and PDDL in Node.js

  •    Javascript

This project is a demo of using the artificial intelligence automated planning library strips, in node.js. If you're new to STRIPS automated planning, here is a great tutorial to get you started.

r5 - Rapid Realistic Routing on Real-world and Reimagined networks

  •    Java

Next-generation fast routing library for spatial analysis applications



See the open issues for more details.

pddl-instances - PDDL instances covering the International Planning Competitions

  •    Common

This repository contains PDDL benchmark instances in a consistent structure. Currently, this repository covers the benchmark instances of the International Planning Competitions (IPC).