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react-geosuggest - A React autosuggest for the Google Maps Places API.

  •    Javascript

A React autosuggest for the Google Maps Places API. You can also define your own suggests as defaults. Works with Preact, too. Visit the Google Developer Console to generate your API key. The API's that you have to enable in your Google API Manager Dashboard are Google Maps Geocoding API, Google Places API Web Service and Google Maps Javascript API.

places - :globe_with_meridians: Turn any <input> into an address autocomplete

  •    Javascript

Algolia Places provides a fast, distributed and easy way to use an address search autocomplete JavaScript library on your website. See the website for more information.

Google Places API - Java client for the Google Places API

  •    Java

This is a comprehensive and FULL Java client for the Google Places API. It provides support to add / delete place, It can help to search nearby locations and lot more.

round-to - Round a number to a specific number of decimal places: 1.234 → 1.2

  •    Javascript

Numbers are rounded to a specific number of significant figures. Specifying a negative precision will round to any number of places to the left of the decimal.Round the decimals with Math.round.

localidades - Dados em formato aberto sobre municípios e unidades federativas do Brasil


Dados em formato aberto sobre localidades brasileiras para uso em visualizações de dados, interfaces de entrada e sanitização de bases. As tabelas contém nomes com e sem acentos, coordenadas lat/lon, códigos de identificação (IBGE, OpenStreetMap, Wikidata, ISO), fuso-horário, imagens de bandeiras e outras informações normalizadas. Preferencialmente, crie uma issue ou um pull request, ou envie um e-mail a @vgeorge.

googleplace - Google Places API Library. Easy to use and learn

  •    PHP

Location aware web application uses google-places-api(Place Search, Place Details, Geocoding , Distance Matrix, Timezone, Elevation ) a lot. They are not linked to each other also its hard to find a easy and time saving php libraray to work with these api. These libraray will need less knowldege about google api and give you flavour of OOP. A Nearby Search lets you search for places within a specified area. For example you can search all the Restaurents of your city.

svelte-googlemaps - Svelte Google Maps Components

  •    Svelte

Particular focus on efficient loading of Google components in an SPA. The GoogleMap and GooglePlacesAutocomplete components are a Google Map and Google Places Autocomplete component respectively.

svelte-mapbox - MapBox Map and Autocomplete components for Svelte (or Vanilla JS)

  •    Svelte

Note that the GeoCoder has a clientside dependency, since it adds about 0.5mb to the bundle size, and significant time to the build time if bundled. The container component is the map, and there are a variety of components which go on the map.

android-places-ktx - Kotlin extensions (KTX) for the Places SDK for Android

  •    Kotlin

It enables you to write more concise, idiomatic Kotlin. Accessing API responses made by PlacesClient can be retrieved using coroutines vs. using Task objects. The example here demonstrates how you can use this feature alongside with Android’s ViewModel KTX’s viewModelScope. Additionally, you can use a DSL provided by this library to construct requests vs. using builders.


  •    Javascript

A React geolocation suggest component that supports Google Maps Places API, Open Street Maps Nominatim API, or your own customized Geocoding service. You can also define your own suggests as defaults. Works with Preact, too. This component was based on a fork of the wonderful ubilabs.github.io/react-geosuggest. This fork adds several options to allow alternate geocoding services, such as Open Street Maps Nominatim, instead of the default Google Maps Places API.

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