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  •    Javascript

The aim of this project is to provide a fast lightweight 2D library that works across all devices. The PixiJS renderer allows everyone to enjoy the power of hardware acceleration without prior knowledge of WebGL. Also, it's fast. Really fast. PixiJS is a rendering library that will allow you to create rich, interactive graphics, cross platform applications, and games without having to dive into the WebGL API or deal with browser and device compatibility.

react-pixi - Create/control a Pixi.js canvas using React

  •    Javascript

This library works with React 15. If you are using React 16, look at react-pixi-fiber or a different library also called react-pixi. Create/control a Pixi.js canvas using React.

pixi-particles - A particle system for PixiJS

  •    TypeScript

A particle system library for the PixiJS library. Also, we created an interactive particle editor to design and preview custom particle emitters which utilitze PixiParticles. Please see the examples for various pre-made particle configurations.

bemuse - ⬤▗▚▚▚ Web-based online rhythm action game

  •    Javascript

Bemuse is an open-source, online, web-based rhythm game. It plays songs in BMS format (See: Introduction to BMS). It is recommended to play this game on Google Chrome.

DragonBonesJS - DragonBones TypeScript / JavaScript Runtime

  •    Javascript

run npm install -g dragonbones-runtime to install the dragonbones-runtime in global. Copyright (c) 2012-2018 The DragonBones team and other contributors.

Leaflet.PixiOverlay - Bring Pixi.js power to Leaflet maps

  •    Javascript

An overlay class for Leaflet, a JS library for interactive maps. Allows drawing overlay using Pixi.js, a JavaScript library for drawing using WebGL that seamlessly falls back to HTML5's canvas if needed. Thanks to Leaflet.D3SvgOverlay for inspiration. A very basic demo.

react-pixi - Write PIXI applications using React declarative style

  •    Javascript

A custom React 16 (Fiber) renderer. Write PIXI applications using React declarative style. This example will render a PIXI.Sprite object into a Root Container of a PIXI.Application on the page. The Stage object will create a valid <canvas /> element to render to.

pixi-seed - Pixi.js project seed with ES6 and webpack

  •    Javascript

This project is designed to bootstrap your Pixi.js development with modern tooling, technology and project organisation. Use as boilerplate for your next project. Webpack with ES6 provides a more class based approach to Pixi.js development and allows you to include assets within your JS. Reactman enables you to quickly add code to your project and the using Redux Stores helps keep your data in one place.

react-pixi-fiber - Write PixiJS applications using React declarative style.

  •    Javascript

ReactPixiFiber is a JavaScript library for writing PixiJS applications using React declarative style in React 16. For React <16.0.0 see react-pixi.

ngraph.pixi - PIXI.js graph renderer

  •    Javascript

This is a 2d graph renderer which uses PIXI.js as a rendering engine. To run it, please refer to example folder.

pixi-tiled - Import Tiled maps into pixi v3

  •    Javascript

Import Tiled maps into pixi v3. A piece of loader middleware which parses Tiled json maps into renderable PIXI objects.

Dreamengine - A powerfull JS 2D Game Engine cross-compatible and easily extendable

  •    Javascript

The Dream-Engine is a free open source engine to create HTML5 games. This brand new version is based on PIXI V4. It give you a powerful and simple declaration, logic, inputs binding, achievements management, audio library and so on.

browser-polyfill - Browser polyfill for making React Native compatible with web libs like pixi

  •    Javascript

DOM is provided with very low support, these are used for libs like pixi.js that validate type. Image has support for loading callbacks, however the loaded uri must be passed to the src already.

expo-phaser - Build awesome 2D games with Phaser.js and Expo

  •    Javascript

Given a context from an Expo.GLView, return a Phaser.Game that draws into it. Under the hood, ExpoPhaser is maintaining global instances of a few libraries.

expo-pixi - Tools for using pixi.js in Expo

  •    Javascript

To get started: yarn add expo-pixi in your Expo project and import it with import ExpoPixi from 'expo-pixi';. A helper function to create a PIXI.Application from a WebGL context. EXGL knows to end a frame when the function: endFrameEXP is called on the GL context.

pixi-animate - PixiJS runtime library for content from Adobe Animate CC

  •    Javascript

A plugin for Pixi.js which provides a runtime for content export using PixiAnimate Extension. You can use require to get the namespace for PixiAnimate, or use a triple slash reference for using the PIXI.animate namespace.

pixi-compressed-textures - Compressed textures and retina support for pixijs

  •    Javascript

Compressed textures and retina support for pixi v4. Loader can choose textures depends on platform and rendering mode. Pretty easy to hack parser into your loader.

pixi-gl-core - A set of tidy little pixi objects that make working with WebGL simpler

  •    Javascript

A set of tidy little pixi objects that make working with WebGL simpler. They are used under the hood in Pixi v4. They should also give more users the ability to do more advanced stuff with WebGL in v4 too.

pixi-haxe - Externs of Pixi.js for Haxe

  •    Haxe

Externs of Pixi.js v4.x for Haxe - A fast and lightweight 2D javascript rendering library that works across all devices. Found any bug? Please create a new issue.

pixi-jsdoc-template - PixiJS Flavored JSDoc Template

  •    Javascript

If you already have JSDoc system, you can use this project as JSDoc template. More information about JSDoc command-line arguments can be found here. You can set options for customizing your documentations. Notice the "template" field for setting the path to pixi-jsdoc-template.