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triangle - Convert images to computer generated art using delaunay triangulation.

  •    Go

Triangle is a tool to create image arts using the delaunay triangulation technique. It takes an image as input and it converts to abstract image composed of tiles of triangles. The library can be installed via Homebrew too or by downloading the binary file from the releases folder.

fitty - ✨ Makes text fit perfectly

  •    Javascript

Scales up (or down) text so it fits perfectly to its parent container. Ideal for flexible and responsive websites.

obelisk.js - Build pixel isometric graphics with HTML5 canvas

  •    Javascript

obelisk.js is a JavaScript library for building isometric pixel objects. With the simple and flexible API provided, you can easily add isometric pixel elements like brick, cube, pyramid and slope in HTML5 canvas. Obelisk.js strictly follows pixel neat pattern: lines with 1:2 pixel dot arrangement, leading to an angle of 22.6 degrees.

PixelAnnotationTool - Annotate quickly images.

  •    C++

Software that allows you to manually and quickly annotate images in directories. The method is pseudo manual because it uses the algorithm watershed marked of OpenCV. The general idea is to manually provide the marker with brushes and then to launch the algorithm. If at first pass the segmentation needs to be corrected, the user can refine the markers by drawing new ones on the erroneous areas (as shown on video below). Donating is very simple - and secure. Please click here to make a donation.

postcss-pxtorem - Convert pixel units to rem (root em) units using PostCSS

  •    Javascript

A plugin for PostCSS that generates rem units from pixel units. Pixels are the easiest unit to use (opinion). The only issue with them is that they don't let browsers change the default font size of 16. This script converts every px value to a rem from the properties you choose to allow the browser to set the font size.

Pixelate - Simple Android library to pixelate images or certain areas of an image.

  •    Java

Simple Android library to pixelate images or certain areas of an image. Simply instantiate Pixelate, give it a bitmap and set the density. This will pixelate your whole image.


  •    JQuery

Gives ability to make accurate hover and clicks on transparent images. Only non-transparent pixels will trigger the hover / click event. This script is not only working with images, but also with background-images. If applied on an image it will use the src path, else it will test if data-img or background-image exists and use those instead.


  •    JQuery

This plugin will process a given HTML5 canvas or image element using one of the offered Blend-Modes by the Blend-Layer parameter.

pixelcounter - Count the pixels in all the images in a folder

  •    Javascript

start(directory, formats, showProgress, onEnd): Will start the process of counting pixels in a certain directory.First of all... download dependencies.

three-png-stream - streams ThreeJS render target pixel data

  •    Javascript

Streams a PNG encoded pixels from a ThreeJS WebGLRenderTarget. This is done in chunks of gl.readPixels, using gl-pixel-stream, and works with render targets upwards of 10000x10000 pixels in Chrome (or more, depending on your GPU).The following transparent PNG image was generated with ThreeJS on the client side using the example/ code. See Running from Source for details.

canvas-pixels - Grab the pixels from a canvas' context, be it 2D or 3D, and return them in an array.

  •    Javascript

Grab the pixels from a canvas' context, be it 2D or 3D, and return them in an array.Returns context's pixels in an array – with a 2D context, this will be a Uint8ClampedArray, and a webgl context will return a Uint8Array.

ndarray-pixel-sort - A JS implementation of Kim Asendorf's pixel sort glitch technique using ndarrays

  •    Javascript

A JS implementation of Kim Asendorf's pixel sort glitch technique using ndarrays.Works in the browser using browserify, or server-side with Node.

save-pixels - Saves an ndarray as an image

  •    Javascript

Saves an ndarray to an image.Returns A stream that you can pipe to serialize the result, or a canvas element if the type is "canvas".

get-pixels - Reads an image into an ndarray

  •    Javascript

Given a URL/path, grab all the pixels in an image and return the result as an ndarray. Written in 100% JavaScript, works both in browserify and in node.js and has no external native dependencies.Reads all the pixels from url into an ndarray.

get-image-pixels - Gets the RGBA pixel array from an Image/Video/Canvas source

  •    Javascript

Uses an intermediary canvas node to grab the RGBA pixels of the given source, with an optional clipping region. Works on HTML Canvas, Image, and Video elements.Gets the RGBA pixels from HTML Image/Video/Canvas element as a Uint8Array with some optional parameters.

8bit - 🎮 Transform images into pixelated artwork

  •    Javascript

8Bit is a javascript module that converts an image into a pixelated version using canvas. You can find a demo here.

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