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PinLockView - A clean, minimal, highly customizable pin lock view for Android

  •    Java

A clean, minimalistic, easy-to-use and highly customizable pin lock custom view for Android. This library allows you to implement a pin lock mechanism in your app easily and quickly. There are plenty of customization options available to change the look-and-feel of this view to match your app's theme.

likwid - Performance monitoring and benchmarking suite

  •    C

Likwid is a simple to install and use toolsuite of command line applications for performance oriented programmers. It works for Intel and AMD processors on the Linux operating system.For further information please take a look at the Wiki.

xTeko - Official repo of JSBox scripts

  •    Javascript

JSBox is an Integrated Development Environment for JavaScript. You can learn to code JavaScript here, as we provide tons of utilities to enhance the development experience.



Don't you just hate it? When playing in window mode and suddenly the window is no longer in focus, because you clicked outside of it? Yes... me too. And because it annoyed me I've written this little application. It provides a keyboard shortcut to trap your cursor in a win...


  •    JQuery

A lightweight and adaptive jQuery plugin for pinning any element to the page or to a container element

leaflet.marker.pin - Pins for Leaflet

  •    Javascript

Pins for leaflet are markers that can be added, edited or deleted directly on the map from the web page. Go to the demo page.


  •    Javascript

Enable attaching markers to other layers during draw or edit features with Leaflet.Draw. Checkout demo. It depends on Leaflet.GeometryUtil and Leaflet.Draw.


  •    Javascript

Note: This project is no longer actively maintained by Pinterest. As ReactJS continues to increase in popularity for both startups and large-scale technology companies, we wanted to make it as easy as possible to add Pinterest content onto these sites. This helps both you and us. The more content you drive into Pinterest, the more traffic you get in return. React brings widgets to a whole new level, and we are excited to introduce a React component collection of our already popular Pinterest widgets.

node-udoo - UDOO GPIO abstraction library for Node

  •    Javascript

node-udoo is a UDOO GPIO abstraction library for Node.js & command line tool. All shared GPIO pinouts described in the UDOO Pinout Diagram are supported. This library provides user an option to develop UDOO apps on Node.js using asynchronous (both callback & promise styles) and synchronous patterns. However, it is strongly recommended to stick to Node.js' asynchronous (non-blocking I/O) style.

pin.js - Dependency free plugin to pin elements as you scroll.

  •    Javascript

Pin.js pins (duh) your elements as you scroll. Or you can clone/download the project.

Abracadabra - A truly plug 'n' play solution for securing your code.

  •    Objective-C

Note: I'm sure you're no longer using this -- but in any case. I am unable to update the Pod for this since a lot has changed since this was released and its dependencies would also require updating. However the project does run so if you DO need this project still -- I now recommend dragging the files into your own project manually. I will NO LONGER be providing any support for this library. Thank you for using my code. Abracadabra was designed for a personal project of mine. An app called Drizzle. Drizzle is an application for managing server instances on Digital Ocean. As you can imagine this is the kind of app that requires tight control over user actions to avoid accidental shutdowns or worse. Not to mention foul play by a 3rd party.

is-pin-good - 🔒 Checks if a given pin code is secure.

  •    Javascript

Checks if a given pin code is secure. Returns a boolean.

nodebb-plugin-events - Topic Events plugin for NodeBB

  •    Javascript

Catches events such as topic pinned/unpinned, locked/unlocked, and moved. Adds a small notification inline within the thread, with the moderator's picture, username, brief description of the event, and timestamp.

pinned-tabs-for-atom - A package for the Atom text editor that allows you to pin tabs

  •    Javascript

A simple package for the Atom text editor from GitHub that allows you to pin tabs. Inspired by the pin tab feature from Browsers, also supports Visual Studio style pinning. For the best experience of this package, I recommend using it with the file-icons package.

afl-pin - run AFL with pintool

  •    C++

This is the fastest pintool afl-fuzzer out there currently. And it runs with pintool 3.6, so 4.x x64 kernels are fine. But ... pintool is super slow. So this is basically only if you have no other option. I am currently developing an alternative with DynamoRIO and is 10x faster - but still, afl qemu mode is 5-10x faster than that ... When you have no source code, normal afl-dyninst is crashing the binary, qemu mode -Q is not an option and dynamorio is not working either. Pin is even 90% slower than my dynamorio implementation ...

SwiftyCodeView - Fully customizable UI Component for verification codes written in swift with RxSwift support!

  •    Swift

SwiftyCodeView is an elegant and customizable UI component which can be used as input field for verification codes, password, etc... SwiftyCodeView is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

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