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react-native-image-crop-picker - iOS/Android image picker with support for camera, configurable compression, multiple images and cropping

Android: The prop 'cropping' has been known to cause videos not to be display in the gallery on Android. Please do not set cropping to true when selecting videos.Module is creating tmp images which are going to be cleaned up automatically somewhere in the future. If you want to force cleanup, you can use clean to clean all tmp files, or cleanSingle(path) to clean single tmp file.

ColorPicker [SA:MP]

ColorPicker [SA:MP] is a simple tool that generates: - PAWN Hex Color Codes (useful for SAMP Scripts); - ARGB Color Codes; - HTML Color Codes; It's developed in C#.

Windows 8 Time Picker for Windows Phone

A Windows Phone implementation of the Time Picker control found in the Windows 8.1 Alarms app.


A jQuery plugin that creates a location picker on your webpage using OpenLayer as map view and geocoding with Google Geocoding API


A Bootstrap 3 optimized advanced responsive color selector with color swatches and support for human perceived lightness. Works in all modern browsers and on touch devices.


Lightweight jQuery Color Picker plugin with RGB, HSB and HEX fields, several skins and layouts. Usage examples: http://colpick.com/plugin


Create Shadow DOM based UI extensions, such as dropdowns, modals, popups, tooltips, blobs, etc.


A color picker that allows users to pick a color from a set of predefined colors


A better region picker plugin for jQuery in China. based on Chineserp, data provided by Chinese region db