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101 - A modern JS utility library

  •    Javascript

Just like ES6's Object.assign. Extend an object with any number of objects (returns original). Functional version of &&. Works great with array.reduce.

pick - A fuzzy search tool for the command-line

  •    C

pick(1) can also be used from within Vim, see the pick.vim plugin. Available in 6c37/crux-ports.

Louvre - A small customizable library useful to handle an gallery image pick action built-in your app

  •    Java

A small customizable image picker. Useful to handle an gallery image pick action built-in your app. Choose one of the Louvre themes to use in GalleryActivity and override it to define your app color palette.

pick-random - Pick random items from a list

  •    Javascript

Useful for making decisions, picking a winner, or anything else randomness can help you with.Returns an Array.

camera-picking-ray - creates a picking ray for a 2D/3D camera

  •    Javascript

Creates a picking ray for a camera. Commonly used for mouse interaction in 2D and 3D games.The camera is assumed to have a projection and view matrix, which can be combined and inverted to form invProjView.

perspective-camera - a high-level 3D perspective camera

  •    Javascript

A high-level 3D perspective camera with a familiar and convenient interface, built from modular pieces.See demo/canvas.js for a full example, using Canvas2D.

ray-3d - a high-level ray picking helper for 3D intersection

  •    Javascript

A high-level ray picking helper for 3D intersection, built from modular pieces.Creates a new Ray with optional origin and direction, both arrays in the form [x, y, z].

ray-plane-intersection - whether a picking ray intersects with a plane

  •    Javascript

Whether a 3D picking ray intersects with a plane. The plane is defined as having a normal [x, y, z] and distance.PRs welcome.

node-deck - Uniform and weighted shuffling and sampling

  •    Javascript

Uniform and weighted shuffling and sampling for node.Note: both deck(xs).pick() and deck.pick(xs) styles work.

react-native-palette - A library wrapping the Android Palette class to extract colors from an image.

  •    Javascript

A React-Native library which extracts prominent colors from an image. On Android, it wraps the Android Pallete Class. On iOS, it uses code from react-native-color-grabber. An example app is included.


  •    Javascript

Returns a filtered copy of an object with only the specified keys, similar to _.pick from lodash / underscore. You might also be interested in object.omit.

react-native-interactive-avatar - An avatar allowing you to click on it to change the image

  •    Javascript

⚠️ Use npm to install the dependencies of the example project. Yarn is ignoring the .npmignore and therefore installing example/ in the node_modules/react-native-interactive-avatar relative dependency.

vim-picker - A fuzzy picker for Neovim and Vim

  •    Vim

vim-picker is a fuzzy picker for Neovim and Vim. To use vim-picker you will first need a fuzzy selector such as fzy (recommended), pick, or selecta installed. See their respective homepages for installation instructions.

random-restaurant-generator - An Android app that queries Yelp's API for a random restaurant near you

  •    Java

It uses the Yelp API to query for restaurants and uses Google Play Services location API. It also uses Google Maps Android API for displaying the location of a restaurant. Deciding where to eat takes forever. Either your friends / family can never agree on where to go, or you're feeling indecisive and can't pick. With Random Restaurant Generator, you don't have to ask anyone anything or worry about what to pick. Random Restaurant Generator searches for places to eat near you and picks one at random.