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Farseer Physics Engine

The Farseer Physics Engine is an easy to use 2D physics engine that focuses on simplicity, useful features and enabling the creation of fun and dynamic games.

gjk.c - Gilbert-Johnson-Keerthi (GJK) collision detection algorithm in 200 lines of clean plain C

This is a rough but fast implementation of GJK collision detection algorithm in plain C. Just one C file, less then 200 lines, no dependencies. It is in 2D for now, full 3D version is upcoming... This 2D-version uses Minkowski sums and builds a triangle-simplex in Minkowski space to tell if two arbitrary convex polygons are colliding. 3D-version will be roughly the same, but will build a tetrahedron-simplex inside a 3-dimensional Minkowski space. It currently only tells if there is a collision or not. C-code for distance and contact points coming soon.Fuck licenses and copyright. I made it for learning purposes, this is public knowledge and it's absolutely free for any usage.

Grandshot 2

Grandshot 2 is an awesome 2D shooter with a great ragdoll and animation system, vehicles and lots of blood and gore. Written in VB.Net


XNA projects of first russian XNA community www.XNADev.ru

Gravity Ball Screen Saver

A screen saver that uses the gravimetric attraction between small planetoids to demonstrate the physics of interplanetary mechanics.

Physics Helper for Blend, Silverlight, WP7 and Farseer

The Physics Helper project contains several user controls which allow you to draw objects in Expression Blend 3, and have those objects translated directly into Physics objects using the Farseer Physics Engine. Version 3 has Behaviors for both Silverlight and WPF.

Physics Simulator

This is a project to create a simulator for "real world" objects. Unlike games that aim to mimic the motion of an object through two-dimensional or three-dimensional space, this projects goal is to accurately simulate the movement of objects. Its developed in C# for .net and mono


BEPUphysics is a 3D physics library by BEPU. It’s fast and has a bunch of features. Windows (XNA, SlimDX, SharpDX), XBox360, Windows Phone, and cross-platform dependency free versions are available.

Star System Simulator

Star System Simulator can perform 3D simulations of planetary positions using Euler-Cromer and Runge-Kutta (4th order) methods. The results are displayed on a 3D scatter plot and are exportable to a log file. The application is written in C# and WPF.

Xaml Physics

Xaml Physics makes it possible to make a physics simulation with only xaml code. It is a wrapper around the Farseer Physics Engine.


XnaHavok is simple wrapper for Havok SDK for use in XNA and C# in single DLL.


Box2D.XNA is a C#/XNA port of Box2D (http://code.google.com/p/box2d). It is optimized for the Xbox 360, minimizing allocations per frame and CPU time. Both the core engine and all test cases are ported including an XNA renderer.


JigLibX is a specially for XNA designed C# port of the Physic Engine "JigLib" (Link below)


Este projeto é desenvolvido com o intuíto de treinar o desenvolvimento de aplicações em C#. Ele contém ferramentas para cálculos de física e matemática, além de material de pesquisa. Desenvolvedor: Cristian de Oliveira Rodrigues

Interactive Gravitational Simulator

The Interactive Gravitational Simulator (IGS) represents an effort to merge high performance, code readability, and interactive visualization of gravitational n-body simulations into one project. This software framework was developed by Mike Bantegui as part of a honors the...


A .NET class library written in Visual Basic 2010 for analytic geometry, particularly vectors and complex numbers.

SilverPool - game example for SilverLight

A pool game simulator for SilverLight. Demonstrates how to do moving objects and collision calculations in SilverLight.

ROOT Builder

Allows you to build ROOT (http://root.cern.ch) sources easily on your local Windows machine using Visual Studio 2003, 2005, and 2008. It supports debugging ROOT using VSIDE as well.

Farseer Physics Engine Simple Samples

As you might know, the original Farseer Physics Engine samples can be alittle hard to understand at first sight. Therefore I have created a small collection of "Simple Samples" / tutorials which shows you how to do different things with the engine, as simples as possible.