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ambientum - Docker native solution for running Laravel projects. From Development to Production

  •    Shell

Keeping it uniform between development, staging and production environments is often something not easy. On the last years, our buddy Docker has become more and more mature and now it's becoming the standard. Docker compose shipped with Docker is usually very old. Please have the latest version installed from Github at https://github.com/docker/compose/releases.

goridge - High-performance PHP-to-Golang IPC bridge

  •    PHP

Goridge is high performance PHP-to-Golang codec library which works over native PHP sockets and Golang net/rpc package. The library allows you to call Go service methods from PHP with minimal footprint, structures and []byte support. The MIT License (MIT). Please see LICENSE for more information.

centminmod - CentOS Shell menu based Nginx LEMP web stack auto installer (GPLv3 licensed)

  •    Shell

Fastest method of install and allows fully unattended installation. Just type this command as root user in SSH on a fresh CentOS 6 or CentOS 7 server. Installation should take between 15-30 minutes on a fast server or up to 50-70 minutes on a slower server depending on server specs and your server's network connectivity and download speed. Type as root user in SSH these commands, Centmin Mod will have it's install setup at /usr/local/src/centminmod. Replace branchname=123.08stable with branchname=123.09beta01 if you want to install the beta version.

laravel5-jsonapi - Laravel 5 JSON API Transformer Package

  •    PHP

For the sake of having a real life example, this configuration will guide you on how to set up 7 end-points for two resources, Employees and Orders. Both Employees and Orders resources will be Eloquent models, being related one with the other.

omnimail - Send email across all platforms using one interface

  •    PHP

This library uses PHP 5.5+. It is recommended that you install the Omnimail library through composer. To do so, run the Composer command to install the latest stable version of Omnimail library.

ddev - DDEV-Local: a local PHP development environment system

  •    Go

ddev is an open source tool that makes it simple to get local PHP development environments up and running in minutes. It's powerful and flexible as a result of its per-project environment configurations, which can be extended, version controlled, and shared. In short, ddev aims to allow development teams to use Docker in their workflow without the complexities of bespoke configuration. Having trouble? See our support options below. You might have trouble if another local development tool is already using port 80 or 443.

lbry.io - The lbry.io website

  •    PHP

The lbry.io website.Both the dev.sh and dev-docker.sh scripts will initialise a configuration based on data/config.php.example if data/config.php does not exist.

cantiga - Membership management system that helps non-profit organizations running their projects, written in PHP / Symfony

  •    PHP

Cantiga is a membership management software that helps non-profit organizations running their projects. It was originally created to power the project of WIO and WIOSNA Associations that gathers more than 30 000 participants every year, and now it is available as an open-source software for everyone. Cantiga is written using PHP7 and Symfony Framework 3.2.

jchash - Jump Consistent Hashing Algorithm implemented in PHP 7 Extension

  •    C

A Fast, Minimal Memory, Consistent Hash Algorithm. We present jump consistent hash, a fast, minimal memory, consistent hash algorithm that can be expressed in about 5 lines of code. In comparison to the algorithm of Karger et al., jump consistent hash requires no storage, is faster, and does a better job of evenly dividing the key space among the buckets and of evenly dividing the workload when the number of buckets changes. Its main limitation is that the buckets must be numbered sequentially, which makes it more suitable for data storage applications than for distributed web caching.

HumusAmqp - PHP 7 AMQP library

  •    PHP

PHP 7 AMQP libray supporting multiple drivers and providing full-featured Consumer, Producer, and JSON-RPC Client / Server implementations. The JSON-RPC part implements JSON-RPC 2.0 Specification.

docker-image - Docker container to check your application with PHPStan without require via composer.

  •    Makefile

The image is based on Alpine Linux and built daily.We are recommend to use the images as an shell alias to access via short-command. To use simply phpstan everywhere on CLI add this line to your ~/.zshrc, ~/.bashrc or ~/.profile.

gbowo - A unified API for hippy nigerian payment processors (Currently supports Paystack and Amplifypay)

  •    PHP

For the paystack and amplifypay adapters, the response received would be a string, which denotes an authorization__url. You are to make a redirect to the url to complete the transaction.Other adapters implementation may do something much different like redirect internally ( from the adapter) but this isn't done for good reasons. This is because different systems may have different ways of performing redirects via Request or Response objects, or whatever have they. So as long as you can get the returned url, you can use the Adapter in your framework or whatever have you.

magento2-custom-shipping - Custom Shipping Module for Magento 2

  •    PHP

This is a sample for Shipping module in Magento 2. You are free to use this module as a base for developing any custom shipping modules.