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intense-images - A simple library to view large images up close using simple mouse interaction, and the full screen

  •    Javascript

A stand alone javascript library for viewing images on the full, full screen. Using the touch/mouse position for panning. Here's a demo! You can also play with the code live on CodePen. Intense images is a stand alone library (no jquery, or the likes) so usage is pretty straight forward. All styling of image elements is up to the user, Intense.js only handles the creation, styling and management of the image viewer and captions.

photoprism - Personal Photo Management powered by Go and Google TensorFlow

  •    Go

PhotoPrism is a server-based application for browsing, organizing and sharing your personal photo collection. It makes use of the latest technologies to automatically tag and find pictures without getting in your way. Say goodbye to solutions that force you to upload your visual memories to the cloud or pay monthly fees. You're welcome to play with our demo at demo.photoprism.org. Leave your email to get a release notification.

unsplash-js - 🤖 A Universal JavaScript wrapper for the Unsplash API

  •    Javascript

A Universal JavaScript wrapper for the Unsplash API. Before using the Unsplash API, you need to register as a developer and read the API Guidelines.

NextLevel - ⬆️ Rad Media Capture in Swift

  •    Swift

NextLevel is a Swift camera system designed for easy integration, customized media capture, and image streaming in iOS. Integration can optionally leverage AVFoundation or ARKit. Alternatively, drop the NextLevel source files or project file into your Xcode project.

PBJVision - 📸 iOS Media Capture – features touch-to-record video, slow motion, and photography

  •    Objective-C

PBJVision is a camera library for iOS that enables easy integration of special capture features and camera interface customizations in your iOS app. Next Level is the Swift counterpart. Capture is also possible without having to use the touch-to-record gesture interaction as the sample project provides.

Papr - :octocat: An Unsplash app for iOS.

  •    Swift

Papr is an unofficial Unsplash app for iOS. To be able to log in during development, you'll need a Client ID and Client Secret.


  •    CSharp

SmugMugAPIWrapper is a simple wrapper around the smugmug REST API. The main emphasis is simple uploading of files to an album, but as time goes on, more of the API will be supported. The project was originally called SmugMugAPI, but there is already one of those, so I change...


  •    DotNet

FlickrSync is a photo synchronization application for flickr users. It displays your local folders and your flickr sets and it can establish synchronization rules between them. This way you can manage all your photos locally and FlickrSync will keep them updated in flickr.

zing-gallery - 基于node

  •    Javascript

基于node.js的web相册,让摄影照片的展示更加简单 Web albums based on node.js, more simple to show photography photos

photography - A jekyll website for photographers

  •    CSS

If you know a tad about tech and love taking pictures then this open-source project may help you setup a website to showcase all your creations without effort. And not just that, with this you need not pay a single dime to host your website as it's hosted by GitHub for free. And of course, you don't want my name at the bottom to show up. You can change it in _config.yml file as well as few other settings like your google analytics etc.

geotagger - 📸 🗺 Geotag your photos from GPS-less cameras with your phone's location history data

  •    Python

Geotag your photos from GPS-less cameras with your phone's location history data.…if your answer is 3x yes, then this tool is for you.

node-eyefi - integrate image-uploads from eye-fi cards into your application

  •    Javascript

Allows an Eye-Fi card to post images directly to your node.js-application. now take a photo to see if it's working.

timelapse - Shell scripts for capturing and compiling timelapse photography

  •    Shell

This script will run forever, so press ctrl+c when want to quit. That will put an MP4 video and myriad smaller GIFs in the output folder.

shmile - Node-based DSLR photobooth. Project moved to: porkbuns/shmile

  •    CSS

With your digital camera, a laptop and a printer, you can have your own DIY low-cost photobooth. Create your own custom overlay. Make sure it is a 4x6 crop factor, save it as a 24-bit transparent PNG. See public/images/overlay.png for an example.

micro_magick - Simplest correct ImageMagick/GraphicsMagick ruby wrapper

  •    Ruby

MicroMagick lets you use ImageMagick or GraphicsMagick from ruby. MicroMagick has excellent test coverage and code quality.