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hyper-ide - Hyper IDE - A web based IDE for 100+ programming languages

  •    Javascript

Hyper IDE is a web based IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that supports more than 100 programming languages out of the box for Phosphorus Five. You can use it on localhost, through e.g. Visual Studio, Mono Develop or Xamarin - Or install it on a web server, having easily access to your code, from anywhere in the world. Hyper IDE is automatically installed when you install Phosphorus Five.

phosphorusfive - A Full Stack RAD Web Application Development Framework

  •    CSharp

Phosphorus Five is a .Net based RAD Web Application Development Framework, for creating rich and secure Ajax web apps. It allows you to orchestrate your apps together, almost as if they were made out of LEGO bricks. Out of the box, Phosphorus Five contains the following components.

phosphorusfive-dox - Phosphorus Five, the Guide


Welcome to the "book" about Phosphorus Five. Phosphorus Five, also referred to as P5 in this guide, is a lot of different things. It is a simple design pattern, it is an Ajax library, it is a programming language, and it is a framework. Some would also argue that it is a web operating system. What you choose to refer to it as, is really quite irrelevant. The point is that it solves your problems, particularly the ones you’re having, as you try to create rich and interactive web apps. This book aims at being your “one stop guide”, as you start out with P5. A beginner’s introduction. Starting out at the “for dummies level”, and hopefully moving you onwards to the expert level. To see an introduction video of Phosphorus Five - Please watch the following YouTube video. During this book, you will learn everything you need to know to create your first Phosphorus Five application - From the first line of code, to deployment in a production environment. My aim is to bring you up to this knowledge in P5, in roughly 2 days. That way, the book becomes very practical, and hands on, progressing rapidly, and you can feel that you have done something constructive fast. We will start out with creating smaller systems, such as simple CRUD apps, and finish up with creating a complete application.

sephia-five - A secure and PGP enabled webmail module for Phosphorus Five

  •    CSS

Sephia Five is an webmail Phosphorus Five module, with support for PGP cryptography, and many more interesting features. Most intrusions and data leaks occurs due to human behavior. Kevin Mitnick often referred to himself as a social engineer, and not a hacker, since he would primarily take advantage of human weakness, instead of launching a direct attack on a computer system. Medio 2017, the Norwegian government had a huge data leak, which created a lot of problems to the Norwegian minister of fish Per Sandberg. The reason was that a fishing tycoon had sent an email to what he thought was Per Sandberg's private email, but actually lead to a completely different guy.