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phosphor-float-area - :fist: Draggable :anchor: Dockable :left_right_arrow: Resizable :boat: Floating :bookmark_tabs: Tabbed HTML5 dialogs! :tada:

  •    TypeScript

The demo uses SystemJS. Works directly from the public directory of any HTTP server. With compileOnSave (eg. atom-typescript or TypeScript for VS Code) the demo page always stays up to date while editing TypeScript source code. TypeScript source code (git only).

paperboy - A web frontend for scheduling Jupyter notebook reports

  •    Python

Paperboy is a production-grade application for scheduling reports. It has a flexible architecture and extensible APIs, and can integrate into a wide variety of deployments. It is composed of various industrial-strength technologies from the open source world. Paperboy requires Python and Node.js, which can be installed from conda-forge if conda is available.

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