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reds - light-weight, insanely simple full text search module for node.js - backed by Redis

  •    Javascript

reds is a light-weight Redis search for node.js. This module was originally developed to provide search capabilities for Kue a priority job queue, however it is very much a light general purpose search library that could be integrated into a blog, a documentation server, etc.Version 1.0.0 is syntactically compatible with previous versions of reds (0.2.5). However, natural has been updated. Documents indexed with older installs of reds (using natural v0.2.0) may need to be re-indexed to avoid some edge cases.

Britfone - British English pronunciation dictionary


Stress marks are attached to the stressed vowel/diphthong. unstressed vowels as /ə/ and /ɪ/: due to the diversity of the sources for phonetic transcription, there's some inconsistency in how weak vowels are transcribed, though in most cases /ɪ/ is used, following the Collins Dictionary.

Hyphenator - Hyphenate words and count syllables quickly.

  •    Javascript

Hyphenator has one usage: phonetics. Primarily, this is useful for counting syllables quickly. But it could be used for other phonetic applications that need a speed up. Hyphenator is free--as in BSD. Hack your heart out, hackers.

levels - levels is a light-weight LevelDB full text search for node.js

  •    Javascript

levels is a light-weight LevelDB full text search for node.js. This is a port of the redis search reds by TJ Holowaychuk to use LevelDb. The first thing you'll want to do is create a Search instance, which allows you to pass a key, used for namespacing within Redis so that you may have several searches in the same db.

cadmium - Natural Language Processing (NLP) library for Crystal

  •    Crystal

Cadmium is a Natrual Language Processing (NLP) library for Crystal. Included are classes and modules for tokenizing, inflecting, stemming, and creating n-grams with much more to come. It's still in early development, but tests are being written as I go so hopefully it will be somewhat stable.

phonetics.vim - A vim plugin for checking and listening to English phonetics.

  •    Vim

Vim Phonetics is a vim plugin that gives you English phonetic transcriptions of focused words. You can choose between British English and American English. You can also listen to audio associated to transcriptions. The phonetics (transcription and audio) comes from Oxford Learner's Dictionnaries.