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igthorn - Cryptocurrency trading platform

  •    Elixir

Igthorn is a batteries-included cryptocurrency trading platform written in Elixir. Igthorn is a boilerplate for kick-starting your crypto trading project. It contains everything you need to immediately focus on writing profitable algos instead of worrying about setup, custom framework etc.

pardall_markdown - Reactive publishing framework, filesystem-based with support for Markdown, nested hierarchies, and instant content rebuilding

  •    Elixir

PardallMarkdown is a reactive publishing framework and engine written in Elixir. Instant websites and documentation websites. As opposed to static website generators (such as Hugo, Docusaurs and others), with PardallMarkdown, you don't need to recompile and republish your application every time you write or modify new content. The application can be kept running indefinitely in production, while it watches a content folder for changes and the new content re-actively gets available for consumption by your application.

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