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chromedp - Package chromedp is a faster, simpler way to drive browsers (Chrome, Edge, Safari, Android, etc) without external dependencies (ie, Selenium, PhantomJS, etc) using the Chrome Debugging Protocol

Package chromedp is a faster, simpler way to drive browsers in Go using the Chrome Debugging Protocol (for Chrome, Edge, Safari, etc) without external dependencies (ie, Selenium, PhantomJS, etc).NOTE: chromedp's API is currently unstable, and may change at a moments notice. There are likely extremely bad bugs lurking in this code. CAVEAT USER.

node-html-pdf - :page_facing_up: Html to pdf converter in nodejs

html-pdf can read the header or footer either out of the footer and header config object or out of the html source. You can either set a default header & footer or overwrite that by appending a page number (1 based index) to the id="pageHeader" attribute of a html tag.You can use any combination of those tags. The library tries to find any element, that contains the pageHeader or pageFooter id prefix.

phantomjs - NPM wrapper for installing phantomjs

An NPM installer for PhantomJS, headless webkit with JS API.What this installer is really doing is just grabbing a particular "blessed" (by this module) version of Phantom. As new versions of Phantom are released and vetted, this module will be updated accordingly.

intransient_capybara - A set of improvements to Minitest/Capybara/Poltergeist/PhantomJS test stack that reduces the occurrence of transient failures

This gem provides a set of improvements to the commonly used test technology stack of Minitest, Capybara, Poltergeist, and PhantomJS for rails applications, intended to reduce the occurrence of transient failures.Include RackRequestBlocker, in application.rb.

google-oauth2-token - No headaches

No headaches. Automation wins. Get a fresh OAuth2 token for Google APIs in just one command

nightmare-google-oauth2 - Nightmare plugin to retrieve a Google APIs OAuth2 token

Nightmare plugin to automatically authenticate, authorize and retrieve a fresh OAuth2 token ready to be used with Google APIs.For nightware-agnostic interface and command-line solution, see google-oauth2-token.

phantomjs - Go client for PhantomJS.

This is a Go wrapper for the phantomjs command line program. It provides the full webpage API and has a strongly typed API. The wrapper provides an idiomatic Go interface while allowing you to communicate with the underlying WebKit and JavaScript engine in a seamless way.This wrapper works by communicating with a separate phantomjs process over HTTP. The process can take several seconds to start up and shut down so you should do that once and then share the process. There is a package-level variable called phantomjs.DefaultProcess that exists for this purpose.

launchpad - NodeJS Browser Launcher

Local launchers look up all currently installed browsers (unless limited by LAUNCHPAD_BROWSERS - see below for details) and allow you to start new browser processes.The following browser names are recognized: chrome, firefox, safari, ie, edge, opera, canary, aurora, electron, phantom, nodeWebKit. Not all platforms support all browsers - see platform for details.

testee - Automated cross-browser JavaScript testing made easy

Automated cross-browser testing made easy.You can choose to install globally with -g if you wish, but it is recommended that you install per-project so that CI environments and all members of your team have instant access to the same dependencies.

closure-library-phantomjs - Google-Closure-Library's unittest runner with PhantomJS.

Closure Library PhantomJS is the unittest runner on command-line. This runs tests under phantomjs and Google Closure Library. And this will be able to output the test results in a variety of formats including formats TAP, Spec, Dot.

ghostface - Evaluate Javascript in PhantomJS, and print the output.

Evaluate javascript in PhantomJS, and print the output.Inspired by jsdom-eval, this module makes it trivial to run tests in a headless browser.