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yona-cms - CMS based on Phalcon PHP Framework with modular structure

  •    PHP

Has a convenient modular structure. Has simple configuration and architecture. Can be easily modified for any task with any loads. Composer is required. It will install required libraries. If you have error with autoload.php file, the reason - missed composer update installation step.

phanbook - A Q&A and Forum PHP platform

  •    PHP

Please see the installation and configuration guides respectively. You can run the application with either Apache, Nginx, or with the built-in web server feature of PHP. The command would look something like: php -S -t . .htrouter.php The .htrouter file would then act like an .htaccess file. Or you can run the application through Apache or Nginx.

phalcon-api - Implementation of an API application using the Phalcon Framework

  •    PHP

NOTE This requires nanobox to be present in your system. Visit their site for installation instructions. As part of the security of the API, JWT are used. JSON Web Tokens offer an easy way for a consumer of the API to send requests without the need to authenticate all the time. The expiry of each token depends on the setup of the API. An admin can easily keep the expiry very short, thus consumers will always have to log in first and then access a resource, or they can increase the "life" of each token, thus having less calls to the API.